15 Web Design Principles For A Customer Friendly Website

What do you when you go to a retail store but nothing is organized, the floor is dirty, the colors are boring, and the store does not look welcoming at all, at this situation most people would just get out of that store as quickly as they can, It is the same way with your website. If your website seems unorganized, it lacks some of the web design principles that would make most people not even bother to look it up on your website. No matter how good of content or product you produce through that website, it will be an unpleasant experience for customers to go through your website.
The goal of a web design should be to attract people into buying or consuming more through your website because a website is a crucial part of any business, big or small, every business must develop a website in order to have a successful business.

There are many user-friendly web design principles that you should apply to your website and make your web design more customer friendly, 15 of those web design principles are discussed below.

Mobile Phone-friendly Website.

Even though most people associate a website with a desktop, it’s better to have in your mind that most people use mobile phones and other portable devices to go through websites. Since it is easy to carry order placements can be done at any point and any given moment, having a good smart-phone friendly website means taking care of the size and option of the object since the smartphone screen is small

Faster Loading Time.

Nothing irritates the user more than staring at their loading screen and waiting for the main or clicked page to appear, please get rid of this problem as fast as you can because this has to be the most important principle in all web design principles.

Readable Fonts

It is better to use relevant fonts that are readable too, if it doesn’t match the context of your website, then do not use fancy fonts which can be hard to read, many of the customers that are going to visit your website can be elderly or people with weak eyesight, so make sure of this problem.

Clickable Objects Options

If you provide certain information in your website related to something to your business, provide a text or object option that can be clickable, this will make the user experience better when the website is providing you with all the information and the user doesn’t have to search everything on their own.

Themes And Colors

Now, of course, all the other web design principles are important but this web design principle is essential for the development of customer-friendly websites. Use amazing colors and beautiful themes in your website to make it look appealing to the eye of the customer.

Well Planned Architecture

   The architecture of the website should be structured in a way that one information is given in a certain place, information placement shouldn’t feel out of place, and customers shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by it. 

Content Information

Adding content writing to your website is a great option but make sure that the information is provided correctly.

Error Correction

Make sure that the website is stable and bug-free. Code errors should be corrected when needed, and overall usability is improved by displaying the appropriate error message to the user.

Clear CTAs

One of the web design principles is to give clear calls to action and make it persuasive and attention-grabbing. so that users can interact with your website more.

Your Target Audience

Knowing your target is important, all the other web design principles lie on this one. Your target audience can be kids, men, women, engineers, students, young, elderly, and the general public. You need to find out your audience and design your website according to it.

Highlight Key Information

If there is information that you think is important you can highlight it or change the color of that text from the rest or make its font size bigger than the rest.  

Using Grids

Using a grid in a beautiful manner can make your website exceptionally better than the others,it will create a balance in your website, you give it symmetry or contrasting color. It’ll be user-friendly and grab their attention. 

Attention To Detail

Remember the details, after finishing your website, keep on adding details. It’s kinda like making an art piece,you’re just done making the structure, time to add details.

Use of Forms

You can add forms to the website and make it more interactive, thus, making it more customer friendly. Remember that your forms should be simple and user-friendly, everyone should be able to easily use them.

Keep on updating

Your job isn’t done when you’re done completing your website, you’ll have to keep updating it, make changes to it, follow the trends, look for customer feedback, and fix things according to it.

Opting For A Custom Web Design Company

You can follow all the above web design principles described above, but since many people don’t have enough time or skills for this they can just opt for a custom web design company, though it is hard to find a good custom web design company you can still find a good one by keeping these web design principles in your mind, and then assist your custom web design company in what you want.

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