Web Development Trends You Could Follow for Growth

Building a successful as well as viable web solution is not an easy task. However, by implementing the trends in web development you could increase engagement and grow the business as well. Numerous trends, as well as technologies, revolutionize the web world every year. This is the reason why Jacksonville web development agencies keep themselves updated with such trends and technologies.

This way they could help business owners who need to improve their websites with changing times. Here are a few web development trends that you need to know. By implementing a few of the following trends, you could create modern web solutions

Modular Design

It would be the thing in web development in the coming year. Instead of restricting the web page to the template, modular design allows you to reuse the modules as well as components for creating the web page. Current blocks could be created for displaying information powerfully. This is quite fast, flexible as well as inexpensive.


Voice Search Optimization

It is worth noting that voice search is breaking several trends in search engines. With technology such as Cortana on Android, Echo, and Alexa from Amazon, Google Assistant from Google, and Siri on iPhone, voice search has become quite common. You could add voice search recognition to the website easily. And, both Firebox and Google Chrome support voice search.


Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google is after AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to enable businesses for developing websites that load promptly as well as work smoothly on mobile devices. Web pages having rich content such as graphics, animations and videos would require to work along with smart ads as well as to load instantly.  


API-first Design

Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the homes, gaming systems, mobile devices, wearable tech, laptops, and cars to be connected. It brings convenience for users; however, things could get confusing in case you build applications in the wrong place. It means you need to work in coordination with back-end developers. And, the process would take a good amount of time.

Apart from these, another significant trend you need to follow is Motion UI. An attractive motion Ui could grab the user’s attention easily. In the coming year, you would notice more motion UI efforts for keeping visitors engaged. In case you are unsure, consider consulting a reputed Jacksonville web development agency like Adly Media. Along with web development, they also provide comprehensive marketing services. You could rely on them for building the brand and scale the business.