What is Cost of WordPress Website Development in 2023?

If you’re looking to have a WordPress website developed, you’re probably thinking about the WordPress web development costs in 2023.

Although the typical cost for building a WordPress website is around 200 USD approximately. i.e. INR15000, but depending on your requirements the cost of building a WordPress website may range between $100 and $600, or $2500 and up to $20,000 or even more.

The WordPress development cost for websites is based on many factors. The kind of site, its purpose of the site, and the functions it has are among the numerous aspects that determine the WordPress cost of a website. Beyond that there are plug-ins, theme templates, and other elements to consider investing in order to create the perfect WordPress website.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a system for managing content (CMS) was developed in the year 2003 developed by Matt Mullenweg. It allows users to build a blog or website from scratchor modify an existing website. WordPress is available as two versions: a premium and free version. The free version restricts the number of blogs that can be made and the amount of post that may be posted daily, while the premium version comes with additional features and allows additional blogs or posts created every day.

How Much Does WordPress Websites cost?

We’ve included a few details that will give you more idea of the cost you’ll need to shell out for getting a WordPress website created:

Factors determining WordPress Cost of Website Development


To include certain features on the features of your WordPress website, you’ll have to install plug-ins. Plug-ins are similar to extensions or apps that you can use to enhance your WordPress website. There are over 40000 plug-ins available, but you must install only the ones that are necessary to your site.

If you’re building a basic model of WordPress website that you just want to display your services or products, then you might want to consider incorporating plug-ins available completely no cost.

However, if you’ve got more money and require more features, you could consider the more expensive plug-ins. The more plug-ins you include, the higher is the cost. Therefore, it will increase WordPress development costs.


Themes are an essential component of the WordPress website. If you’ve got a decent experience with languages like HTML and CSS Then you could build your WordPress Theme on your own. However you could consider choosing Free WordPress Themes or Paid WordPress Themes.

WordPress Themes that are free of charge consist of fewer functions and are therefore more responsive to load. If you’re short on funds or are creating a WordPress website to build an online presence, you could consider using some of the top WordPress free themes such as Astra, Knight, etc.

However, if you require more features or want to ensure your website’s security it is worth purchasing premium versions of WordPress Themes that are free. There’s a vast price range in the premium WordPress Themes. The themes are available priced from $100 to $200. The purchase of a premium theme can increase the price of a WordPress website.


Hosting is an important aspect for every website. It allows other users to access your website via the internet. It is a space purchased by you through the webserver to save the website’s data. There are a variety of hosting companies that offer different prices for hosting websites on the market. However, the three most well-known hosting companies are:

If you’re on a tight budget, you can choose an affordable hosting plan that is not more than $8 per month. If you’re looking to invest more money on your WordPress website, and you’re looking for additional features for it the website, you’ll need a hosting plan of $15-20.


The domain name is the an identification for your site on the internet. If your hosting company gives you a free domain as part of the hosting plan, you are able to select the domain. However you could opt to buy a domain. It’s estimated to cost about $10-15 per year to purchase and keep a domain.

SSL Certificate

If you are looking to improve security on your WordPress site, then you can purchase a SSL certificate for your site to improve the security of your website. However, adding a the premium SSL certificate is going to cost you an amount, and will raise the cost of your WordPress website.


These are just some reasons behind the price of the cost of a WordPress Website Development. If you don’t intend to purchase themes or plug-ins, they won’t cost you anything.

But if you’d like to include certain features on your site, or to enhance its appearance, then you’ll need to purchase premium WordPress themes and Plugins. The costs for themes and plug-ins aren’t obligatory, it could be described as an option, however it is likely to cost.

Furthermore, it’s not possible to run a site without hosting and domains, the expense incurred can be considered essential expenses.

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