Why You Should Invest In Artificial Grass Accessories

If you are planning to install artificial grass on your lawn, then you should invest in artificial grass accessories such as installation tools. Before beginning installation, allow yourself more time than you think, as you will need to double-check all the work you do. Remember, it’s nearly impossible to move the artificial grass once it’s installed, so it’s important to allow ample time. Also, do not try to move it if you don’t have artificial grass accessories or enough time.

Bella Turf

If you’re looking to add some color and life to your outdoor area, you may want to consider installing Bella Turf artificial grass. These products are made to look like natural grass and are highly durable and easy to install. Bella Turf strives to provide its customers with the best artificial grass available. There are several accessories available, including watering cans, hoses, and a pump to help your turf look as lifelike as possible.

Artificial Grass Accessories

For a more personalized look, you can purchase Golf Flags and Pins from the Bella Turf collection. These products are made to last the test of time and are available separately. They are made of the same materials as their artificial grass and feature a grooved base. For added beauty, Bella Turf Golf Flags and Pins make an excellent choice for putting greens. You can even purchase additional accessories like putting green pins.

To install the spikes, simply fold the turf backward and cut small reliefs along the edge of the grass. Then, use a sharp blade to cut the turf evenly. You can use the blades to cut into the edges of the turf, making them look more natural around any objects you place in them. If you plan on installing the artificial grass in your yard, you’ll want to carefully measure the area before you install it.


Whether you want an outdoor dog run, a large home yard, or a small pet area, ZeoFill has the perfect accessory. Made for optimum drainage, ZeoFill helps keep the top layer of grass dry. What’s more, it doesn’t support mold or mildew growth. Plus, because it’s certified organic and sourced from the purest mine in the world, ZeoFill is eco-friendly. The one-time installation process is easy and requires very little upkeep.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Using ZeoFill in your synthetic grass will reduce surface temperatures by up to 20 degrees. This unique infill is composed of 98% pure zeolite, which is a natural silicate mineral that forms when molten volcanic lava meets seawater. Its honeycomb-like structure traps negative ions and reduces surface temperature by as much as 20 degrees. Unlike other types of synthetic grass infill, ZeoFill is completely safe for humans and dogs.

Simple Seam

The Simple Seam for Artificial Grass is an adhesive that holds seams together, eliminating the traditional two-part seaming process. This tape is 8 inches wide, produced on a puncture proof reinforced aluminum backing. It is incredibly easy to apply, won’t lose its tack in wet conditions, and won’t crack under ultraviolet light. Listed below are a few of the benefits of using Simple Seam for your artificial grass accessories.

Artificial Grass Accessories

MasterGRASS’s Self-Adhesive Turf Tape is the perfect choice for a seamless join between two pieces of artificial grass. Available in two sizes, it is easy to apply and remove. It provides a smooth, uniform finish that is nearly impossible to tell the tape isn’t real turf. And unlike traditional glues, it doesn’t leave behind any messy residue.

When installing artificial grass, a seam is an important part of the process. Although seaming isn’t difficult, it requires some special skills and is highly recommended for people who have the time and patience to perform the job correctly. Always use a spacer of the same gauge as the artificial grass. In order to keep the seaming area smooth, you should use a seaming glue that is moisture curing.

Wonder Edge

If you’re looking for artificial grass accessories, Wonder Edge is the perfect product for your home. Made with recycled plastic, this above-grade perimeter frame is ideal for pet areas. Its durable and eco-friendly construction will ensure years of use. Plus, the installation process is quick and easy. You’ll save time and money on this artificial grass accessory. Find out more about the advantages of this product below. Also, see what other users have to say about it.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Unlike traditional grass edging, the Wonder Edge edgers can be installed in just 10% of the time. They come with a gap slot that tucks into rough cut edges. If you’re installing a hardscape, you can glue down the edgers onto concrete or another surface. These edgers can be used for driveways, patios, putting greens, and more. However, you should order them in bulk to get the best price.

Installers will find the Wonder Edge a great help for synthetic grass installation. It allows them to install the turf quickly and efficiently, and it secures the edge into the slot for better structural integrity. They’re also easy to install around trees, without the need for extra labor. The Wonder Edge is 2.5 inches wide and an inch high. If you want your lawn to look professional, the Wonder Edge is the right choice for you.

Bella Turf’s Turf Spikes

Bella’s Turf Spikes are the ultimate way to anchor your artificial grass to the ground, preventing it from peeling away from the landscape. Our turf spikes have been tested and proven effective on more than 1000 projects, and their design is perfect for Canada’s extreme weather conditions. They’ll also significantly increase the lifespan of your synthetic grass. Here are some advantages of using Turf Spikes:

Bella Turf’s Simple Seam

Simple Seam is a self-adhesive seam tape that completely eliminates the traditional 2 part seaming process. It allows for faster installation and finishes seams ahead of schedule. This self-adhesive tape has an 8-inch width and is produced on a reinforced aluminum backing. The tape is extremely easy to install, doesn’t lose tack in wet conditions, and won’t age under ultraviolet rays.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Bella Turf’s Simple Seam offers five different colour options that match every landscaping style. These grasses are perfect for playgrounds, pet areas, and yard landscaping for the whole family. It is also durable and looks great. And with a warranty for 15 years, it is worth its weight in gold. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the comfort and durability of this artificial grass.


If you want to add a beautiful, lush green lawn to your yard, consider installing artificial grass with the NailMark system. This system uses galvanized nails to anchor the grass down. The nails are 7.5″ (20 cm) long and galvanized. You can also purchase a nail-marking gun and other accessories for easy installation. These products are the #1 choice in customer satisfaction and price. Listed below are the most important benefits of NailMark artificial grass.