How to boost Gaming performance on Android devices

Enhancing game performance on android

You have reached the right place if you are a big time fan of the game and you face problems while playing games on your Android device, such as Call of duty, PUBG or any other graphic intensive games. We have stated some simple tips and techniques that might help you improve your Android device in order to achieve high gaming performance.

Playing games on your smartphone is a brilliant way to make people smile and meet other people from all around the globe. To increase gaming performance, there are a number of things you can do on the Android device, and here are a few of them.

Accessing the Developer Option configuration

With configuring the developer options on your Android smartphone, you will find a number of settings which can improve your gaming experience. Searching for the Force 4x MSSA option is one of the first stuff that you should do. Allowing this feature will allow you to run gaming applications of the highest quality available, such as racing games without slowdowns.

Be advised that by activating this setting, your battery will be drained, which is why you just need to use it on a full charge or when connected to the electric outlet. After you have completed your gaming, turn this feature off to retain your battery.

Turn off Apps running in the background

Most people do not realize that both their battery and RAM memory can be drained by the application of social media running on their smartphone in the background. By having applications like Facebook or Instagram constantly running in the background, your device will be noticeably slowed down. Turning off these apps can enhance your game leading to higher performance in gaming.

By heading into the developer settings on your phone or tablet and looking at the running services, this will help to analyse the RAM usage. You will be able to close them while playing a game if you use a lot of RAM for certain applications.

Try to use boosting applications

In the Google Play Store, there are a lot of applications that are designed to boost your cellphone to provide such a better gameplay. These applications will not only maximize gaming success, but they can also end up making the graphics in the games look better. These applications generally turn off other applications running in the background in order to speed up your device.

Before implementing a particular boost app, look at user reviews. These reviews will usually give a better idea of how well others have achieved with a specific boost application.

Do not forget about gaming kits

Getting the correct kits is also a great way to enhance your Android device’s satisfaction when playing games. Investing in a quality headset is an excellent way to engage yourselves within a game without disrupting yourself.

The use of cloud-based apps to store photos and videos is a great way to decrease memory usage on your Android device. By keeping the memory utilization of your device low, you can enjoy the games that you love.

Clear the File Cached

Cache is the information that your smartphone stores when you access any webpage in simple terms. It apparently involves temporary data which is not relevant, but at the same time takes up space, resulting in the slowing down of your phone. Cleanup of cached information as it clears up garbage files can contribute to smooth gaming performance. If your phone’s storage is low, this tip is really helpful for increasing the gaming performance of your Android device.

Clearing cached data can be obtained by implementing these steps to make your Android device operate more quickly.

  1. Go to settings and then click Apps and Notification.
  2. Click on each of the applications
  3. For all applications, click on the cache and clear it.
  4. Do the same for all cached file for all apps   
Stop the use of live wallpapers

Well, who doesn’t want to receive or have live wallpapers on their mobile device with news and live weather reports? I definitely have. But these live widgets and wallpapers not only take up a lot of memory, but they also result in the lagging and slowing down of the phone. All you need to do is to clear up your home screen with the live wallpapers and widgets. It may sound funny to clear up your home screen, but it is definitely one of the most efficient ways to improve the gaming performance of your Android phone. You can also read about best app to record a gaming screen of your android phone.

Disable Unnecessary Apps from Bloatware

There are certain applications on your Android device that come pre-installed. Uninstalling and deleting these apps is not possible in most situations. Even task killers in the background are not going to kill these applications by running. They take up a great deal of memory and can lead to slower operation of your device. In order to have an increased gaming experience, you can disable these bloatware applications.

You can block the unnecessary bloatware apps on your Android by following the steps discussed below.

  • On your phone, go to the Battery and Performance Option.
  • Now go to Power Usage, and you will see a list of all the applications and the percentage of battery they consume.
  • Click the app that you would like to stop running in the background, and then click Force Stop. This will prevent the app from working in the background and your phone from finishing up the battery.
  • Please have Disable clicked. This will disable the app from running and prevent it from running. This will also eliminate the application from the app drawer.

Remember: this is perhaps not the exact steps to restrain the apps that you need to follow from running in the background. Slight modifications may be required, depending on which smartphone you are using.