Will chatGPT Become Part of Business Digital Strategy?

It is a future course and more Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have been around for some years and have proven to be enormous assets for business operations. With chatGPT, its cutting-edge version is almost killing it for several online creators. Digital marketers, content creators, and small & large businesses are trying to check if it will continue to reduce their overheads and burdens. The concept is still new and its future is still to envisage. However, predictions from tech-kings are already showing its future course.

Will chatGPT be another Alexa or Siri or much more than that?

Can it become an integral part of any business digital strategy? (It is the business aspect form where it is likely to turn innovative and useful).

How quickly will its flaws be rectified or refresh an answer asking the same question?

There are several challenges still to be surmounted. As it gets more human in its responses, it could even signal the end of an era for traditional mediums and an extension of ourselves. Let us deep dive into these questions and understand how this technology is likely to affect the work culture across domains, sectors, digital markets, and individual content creators.

What is chatGPT and why is it in the testing stage?

For those who have no clue about chatGPT, the simple answer is that it is the latest chatbot in the virtual domain. It is gaining popularity, as it is the latest version of responses being given by a machine to human questioning. GPT is the pre-trained transformer tool designed to help with the most challenging questions or with answers to simple ones. For example, try asking Google for directions to a new restaurant you discovered recently. It will guide you with a map and other visual data. ChatGPT is a better version and cannot go wrong. If you are thinking that it could replace Google one day, yeah there are chances once the technology improves. Did we not say it is still in the testing stage?

Bottom line: ChatGPT is currently the most advanced language tool in the market. OpenAI has launched it. It is more intuitive and has a better ability to understand humans.

All right, how does it boost your business?

Every business has moved online and become global. Chatbots and virtual assistants enable the ‘prospect’, ‘customer’, or ‘buyer’ to get answers and explanations in real-time. At a time, several others visit the website and the live chatbot can provide automated answers. With the implementation of chatGPT, even complex answers can provide due to its advanced algorithm. The biggest impact is on customer service, which should help in retaining loyalty and confidence.

Is this the only reason for the popularity of this new technology?

No. It is advanced and it is designed to help in other areas of business operations. It is a powerful resource and a tool for creating content and streamlining the information, which already exists.

It ‘picks up’ conversations

There is still a long time for one to have a coffee conversation with the chatbot, but until then, it is learning from your conversations with other humans. It can even create focused content for a marketing strategy. A business development head has to simply ask for new ideas or give a theme. ChatGPT will promptly offer numerous suggestions to pick from and create the necessary content.

Nearly 90% of the work is done efficiently. It empowers the marketing department to spend time creating social media content. Imagine the amount of time saved on brainstorming new ideas, and engaging everyone else on a zoom call with good/bad results. Once it is easy to understand how the tool works, different customer segments can target with fresh content.

Does this mean it is the end of content writers? 

Probably not. The wordsmith tribe is still going strong. Remember, you are only using the chatGPT as a tool to enhance production skills. It cannot take over the human brain yet. The creative talent that a content writer provides will still be missing. Unless a new version comes up to challenge the creativity of the content creator.

What is meant by chatGPT’s bright future?

It all depends on how the resource will be implemented and the data fed to it. It will process the same and provide results.

  • The tool can detect and analyze data in a moment.
  • It can segregate the information into segments for us to use.
  • Specific data be used to maximize and reach target audiences.
  • Engagement with customers becomes easier.
  • The content creation can be adjusted, moved, or deleted as per the needs of the business model.

The chatbot does not have its own BI. Nevertheless, to scale business operations the human mind needs to focus on Power BI development for the device to do its part. That is how it can become an integral part of a successful business.

Challenges and countering risks 

Each tool is always designed to help us to simplify our lives and business. For example, take the legal industry, which has the maximum challenges if this tool is used. Despite the usefulness of collating judgments, references, and long-drawn pieces of evidence, loopholes will derail the process of justice.

In broad terms, the problems that may arise in the future about:

  • Accessing justice without the costs. Most legal services are costly for businesses and individuals. Legal presentation is not possible without making compromises. It may lead t a crisis in seeking justice.
  • Legal case management can be streamlined. However, the disruption with this resource is that the demand for lawyers will be reduced. It will automatically lead to the loss of jobs and layoffs. Skills and talent cannot be replaced.
  • Regulatory changes and ethical standards may see changes in a big way. It refers to privacy, data privacy, and accountability, which can influence the working nature of professionals.
  • The pain point of cybersecurity cannot be ruled out. Legal cases have sensitive records and data compromise can lead to serious implications. It will require continuous protective measures to avoid cyber-attacks.

On a brighter note, chatGPT will automate and streamline several routine tasks for law firms. It will allow young and senior lawyers to focus on cases that need attention rather than put heads together for administrative jobs in the firm.

Helpful for some, hurtful for others!

There are two sides (often more) to a story. So is the case with this technology. For individual creators, ChatGPT will be a boon in the future. As testing is still on, there will be improvements and iterant reduced. But caution is important for some sectors and businesses. Its ethical usage will bring bouquets. Its wrong implementation will get brickbats.

As part of shared humanity, it is best to apply the tool for the internal purposes of the business first. Once it proves to be successful, it can be implemented for external purposes. The most significant impact is yet to come as challenges continue to create roadblocks.


ChatGPT will be more than Alexa and Siri. At least it is not yet likely to replace any search engines. No one needs to be worried about the layoffs and jobs it will dent. There is no denying that will not replace human intelligence but become a tool to augment its abilities.