The Best Apps to Hibernate Apps in 2021 (Android and iOS)

Let’s all hear: we may have too many apps on our cell phones. And while most apps still work even when you’re not using your phone, they use a lot more power than you might think.

Fortunately, there are plenty of apps to hibernate apps in 2021 (Android and iOS) that can extend your device’s battery life. What Does Hibernate Apps Mean? These apps hibernate all tasks when you turn off the screen so that there is nothing to consume.

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Here is the list of the 9 best apps in this category that you must try. To take a look at!

Battery doctor

Battery life doctor Let’s start with an app called Battery Doctor. As the name suggests, this is a power saving app that aims to extend the battery life of your device.

Although the main focus of this app is battery optimization, there are many other useful tools. Speaking of the main tool, this is one-click optimization that clears the cache and increases the speed of your device. The whole process takes literal seconds, so you can do it on the go.

Also, there is a battery saver tool that automatically shuts down all the processes and apps you are not currently using to extend battery life. Another cool thing is an app monitor which shows all the apps that test your mobile’s power the most (even when you’re not using them). However, this exact function does not close these applications, you will have to do it yourself. Continue reading to know about What Does Hibernate Apps Mean?

Next thing to mention is the hibernation tool – it automatically shuts down all running apps and saves your device power (incredibly handy to use at night). Plus, there’s a healthy charging mode that tells you exactly what time your device needs to be fully charged (and also changes that if there’s a problem with your charger).

Hibernation manager

Hibernation Manager is an application designed to save battery power when your device is not in use.

Apart from the above application, this one is entirely dedicated to the hibernation tool. On the one hand, it’s great because you can adjust some details through the hibernation process. But on the other hand, you might prefer to have a versatile app for anything battery-related. Either way, this app does a good job for what it was developed for.

This application automatically hibernates your mobile each time the screen turns off. As a result, all processes and applications are stopped, saving a lot of battery power. Additionally, hibernating the processor sets it to its lowest voltage, which also helps to extend its lifespan. However, as soon as you start using your device again, it is immediately reduced to its usual state.

With this, you can configure the hibernation process according to your preferences. You can decide which apps and processes will be disabled when your device is down. And you can even turn off some apps you don’t use often when the screen is on. In addition, you can connect hibernation to Wi-Fi or cellular if needed.


Greenify is a popular phone optimization app which aims to maximize battery power. We all have a lot of apps on our phones and it can cause system slowdowns and rapid battery drain. So the main goal of this app is to make your device work as long and as long as it did when you just bought it.

Once the hibernation process has started, applications will not run until you restart them. In addition, the app will automatically close all apps after the screen is turned off. The good thing is that you can configure the list of which apps will hibernate or not.

KillApps: close all running apps

KillApps According to its name, KillApps is a service that allows you to close all running apps with just one click.

The main goal of this app is to free up your device’s memory and increase its performance, and it covers various tools for that. As you may know, there are a lot of apps running in the background on your device, consuming system resources and draining your battery.

To get rid of this problem quickly, the app has the feature that closes all the running apps in an instant. So you can configure the list of apps that can be closed in case you need to (the main tip here is to deny closing alarm apps and messengers).

Also, there is a tool that stops all bg tasks (you might not even know if there are any when they are wasting your device’s power). Also, there is a speed boost feature that speeds up your phone by closing apps that you are not using. Another tool that you won’t find in optimization apps as often is the CPU cooler – it cools your device’s temperature and reduces lag.


Battery HD + Battery HD is a widely used optimization tool that will not allow your device to drain quickly.

While the main purpose of the app is to give you a detailed representation of the current battery status, it has features that help the power supply last longer. Speaking of the battery status tool, you can set notifications when your mobile is fully charged or when it runs out of power soon.

In addition, you can view detailed reports on how much time you have left for listening to music, playing games, using the internet, taking photos, etc. You can also see graphs of how you use your phone and the power consumption of each app. You can also calibrate your phone to learn more about its energy retention capabilities.

Once all this information is ready, you can configure the hibernation process. Close all apps and processes once your device is out of use. In other words, after your screen turns off, all running apps will close. With it, you can choose the exception apps that will always stay running. You can also choose which apps will be disable until you decide to restart them.

Hibernator – Hibernate apps and save battery

What Does Hibernate Apps Mean? Hibernator is another app that gives you quick app shutdown. First of all, this app is totally dedicate to the hibernation process, so there aren’t many other tools here. Therefore, the main goal of the app is to save battery power and provides you with various tools for this.

For example, there is a reminder tool that clears the cache and speeds up your device a bit. In addition, there is a function that shuts off all the big jobs that can consume a lot of power. As for the hibernation tool, it automatically stops all running apps when you turn off the screen. Then when you use your mobile device again, these apps will not start until you do.

It must be said that you can define the list of applications that you do not want to close. These could be apps you use to communicate or anything else you can think of. Note that the app covers both system and user apps, so if you don’t want to be late for work or college, be sure to keep the alarm clock from going off.