5 Common Android Problems and How To Fix

Are you an android use and facing some issues with your smartphone? This tutorial will walk you through some common android problems and different ways to fix those issues.

None of the phones is perfect. We can face issues and problems in almost all phones but some of the problems can be fixed. Today in this article we are going to learn what are the common android problems in android phones and what is the solution to those errors. Wifi problem in the android phone is very common and we often face android wifi that keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. If you are one of those then you can fix it through the detailed wifi troubleshoot guide on how to fix android wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting.

Every month’s lots of android gets launched with some minor differences in specifications. Hence android apps are also getting an update to target new and latest android devices. In this race to get more apps download, sometimes apps become unstable in the older version of android phones.

Now only that, there are a couple of more issues that android users are annoyed with while they use android phones. Today in this post, we are going to talk about top 5 common problems that android users face and how to fix those issues. So without wasting more time, let’s jump into the tutorial.

Some common problems in android phones.

  1. Apps crash
  2. Low storage
  3. Slow Performance
  4. Security and privacy concerns
  5. Overheating

Now we had listed all the common problem that an android user faced if are facing any of the above then continue to read where we had discussed how to fix the common android problem.

8 Common Android Problems and solution

Problems in android phones are not new, there are several problems are with android phones and hence people prefer to go for iPhone rather than Android OS. If you are the person who has purchased the android phone and what to fix some knows issues of the android phone then here we had solutions to fix those android issues. So without wasting more time, let’s jump into the tutorial on the common android problem solutions.

Apps crash

App crash is a common issue with the android phone whether you buy a mid-range phone or a premium phone. Android allows you to sideload the apps and this is the main reason why we get apps installed in android phones that ended up the crash. Apart from that, there are lots of android phone launches every month with better specifications so apps developers develop apps considering high-end mobile phones and this is the reason why apps crashed in lower-end or mid-range android phones more.

So the solution to those is to download apps from the Google play store and not from any third-party websites. Here are some other solutions posted which can help you to fix this app crash issue.

Fix apps crash

  1. Download apps from Google play store only.
  2. Keeps apps updated
  3. Clear apps cache and cookies

Low storage

We had discussed in the app crash section that android apps generated temporary files that is useful for the apps to perform a certain task by Over time, apps create cache files that should be deleted. If these files are not deleted on time, these file consumes phone storage and create the problem of low storage. Hence it is necessary to clear junk files from android phones to free up some space. Other than that, messaging apps such as WhatsApp by default all the photos and videos and not all photos and videos you want to download. So you can stop downloading those useless media files.

Here are the tips to fix low storage in android phone

  • Clear cache of android apps
  • Keep auto-download of whatsapp and messaging apps off

Slow performance

You had surely noticed that as you purchase an android phone, it works fine for some initial years but after that, its performance decreases. The main reason for those is android phone battery performance and other is cache and apps data. As we use apps and installs android apps and games in the smartphone, some files known as data files keep on generating which helps to function these apps. These files are necessary but after the use, these files should be removed but that process doesn’t happen automatic and over time, these files accumulate and bloat the memory and result in slow performance. If you like games then you can download GTA San Andreas APK Download For Android Device for free.

Steps to clear cache in Android phone

  1. Unlock the android phone and go to the phone setting.
  2. Scroll down and tap on the storage option.
  3. Now open other apps.
  4. Now tap on click on three-dots and select clear cache.

In this way, you can clear the cache of android apps and make android phones faster. If you are facing other android errors then feel free to continue with the article.

Security and privacy 

As discussed in-app crash section that android users had the privilege to sideload android apps by downloading from other third-party apps downloading website. It brings security and privacy concerns. The chances of installing malware apps are high as some hackers clubbed malware with the paid apps and provide them for free. The users as they get paid apps for free, download those apps and inthis way caught in the trap of malware.

Here are some tips to secure android phones

  1. Buy a phone from a trusted company that regularly provides security updates.
  2. Keep android phone updated to the latest version of security patch
  3. Don’t open malicious websites or download apps from an untrusted source


Phone heating or Overheating is a huge problem that smartphone users experience while playing games or using camera. Phone do get warm while doing these activities but sometime it goes beyond getting warm which is not good for phone as well as for hands. It is a major concern when phone becomes overheat even though it is ideal. This is not the only problem with android users, but even iphone users faceses these issues.

Here are some of the tips to fix overheating issues in android phones.

  1. Don’t use third-party chargers and cables.
  2. Don’t use your phone while charging.
  3. Close unnecessary apps.
  4. Adjust brightness accordingly.

Wrapping up

This was the tutorial on top 5 common problems in android phone and how to fix those issues. If you have any other problem then feel free to use comment section. Till then you can read our tutorial on Top Reasons Why To Prefer Android For Mobile Application Development? If you have any problem, you can comment down below and let us know.