7 Great Steam Racing Games That Deserve More Attention

There are many racing games on Steam, but some unavoidably go unnoticed. Fans of racing should look at these instances.

Some folks just like moving quickly. It may be thrilling to outperform the competition with a car that has been adjusted to perfection, to edge out a competitor for the victory, or to execute the ideal drift around a famously difficult bend. It may be a game of skill and concentration or simply a crazy ride with buddies while racing.

Although racing in cars, airplanes, and ships is quite different, all of these vehicles have appeared in racing games, and that is only the beginning of the list. With so many options for racing games, some good ones will inevitably go unnoticed by gamers. We only take into account older Steam titles with less than 5,000 reviews or more recent games with fewer than 500 reviews. The most underrated racing games on Steam are listed below.

Drift King

There are many different types of racing games, from competitive bike and boat races to professional motor races like F1 2021. The gear and methods that are used, as well as the locations where the races take place, further distinguish each sort of race from the others. Players that like a certain facet of the genre might find a game that highlights it because of the diversity in the genre.

One thing is celebrated in Drift Hunters: drifting. All of the game’s components—acquiring new vehicles, customizing them, and adapting to various track and weather conditions—are there to make drifting enjoyable. The good news is that the game is successful in this regard, and players will soon be gliding through tight spaces. There is always the option to challenge other players to online drift bouts if the AI becomes monotonous.

OverDrift Festival

OverDrift Festival, a game that also focuses on the art of drifting, offers a lot of features and a high degree of refinement for a complete racing experience. Every race will provide a different challenge for players to adjust to and conquer thanks to the excellent physics and wide range of tuning choices. Drift races and freestyle drifting on busy public highways are also available.

The game’s vast selection of roads and tracks, which span more than 30 square kilometers, ensures that the player won’t spend the whole time looking at the same left turn. Additionally, weather, seasonal impacts, and variances between day and night make the tracks interesting. Because of the Unreal Engine, vehicles and surroundings look and feel realistic and multiplayer is integrated right into the open world. The game also allows for the use of keyboards, controllers, and steering wheels, giving players complete freedom over how they choose to drive.

TRYP FPV: The Drone Racing Simulator

Don’t let the lengthy title detract from the excellence of the finished item. TRYP FPV: The Drone Racing Simulator is already available in early access, allowing users to test their flying prowess by navigating a variety of drones through vast and beautiful environments. The maps are among the game’s greatest features, in fact. Despite not being the largest in the gaming industry, their size, beauty, and amount of detail are outstanding and, on their own, provide gamers with more than enough motivation to return.

However, if a game isn’t enjoyable to play, no amount of gorgeous maps can help. TRYP FPV is awesome and offers crucial quality of life elements like a minimap to aid players in exploring and maximizing their enjoyment of the game. The physics make it clear that this game is currently in early access, but drone fans should still enjoy it.

Pro Cycling Manager 2022

Every year, new iterations of several racing and sports games are released, and franchise weariness is a constant worry. Will the new game be sufficiently enhanced and updated to attract new players and persuade existing players to upgrade?

One of the greatest cycling simulations that enthusiasts of cycling have recently got is Pro Cycling Manager 2022. The player controls every aspect of the sport, including selecting racers, assigning funds, training, formulating race plans, interacting with sponsors, and more. Because there are so many factors to keep care of, simulations like this one may easily become daunting, but Pro Cycling Manager 2022 does an excellent job of guiding players through the process.

Shadow Racer

In racing games, the narrative often takes a second place to the races itself. Nevertheless, some racing games attempt to create a compelling story, even going so far as to have the story affect the physics. If done properly, the races are often better off as a result.

The Shadow Rider is a vehicle designed to fight back against the wicked empire in a post-apocalyptic future, and it is controlled by the player in the third-person adventure game Shadow Racer. The Shadow Rider resides in the Grand Canyon since it is the only location that is ungoverned by the empire. To preserve the Grand Canyon and the planet, players must master the game’s four gameplay mechanics: drifting, flashing, boosting, and bumping. Shadow Racer has everything a player might want in a game, including an engaging plot, a fantastic setting, and enjoyable driving.

Fly Dangerous

Fly Dangerous is all about speed and absurd stunts performed at very high speeds. The player races a rocket ship while using a flightstick, mouse, controller, or steering wheel, measuring their performance against other players and striving to beat their own records. Even though the game is currently in early access and needs more work before being finished, it already provides an almost unmatched “six degrees of flying” experience.

For good reason, the creator emphasizes the high skill ceiling needed to handle rocket ships in Fly Dangerous. Fly Dangerous becomes a very complicated (and challenging) game when you turn off the flight assistance and other tools that are meant to help rookie pilots gain their bearings.

Kayak VR: Mirage

Both kayaking and virtual reality are not for everyone, therefore Kayak VR: Mirage seems to be a specialty item. However, this game’s appeal is far larger than it may first seem. Gamers seeking a more relaxed experience may select free roam mode and just take in the views, while competitive players searching for a race can get in a kayak and start pursuing their buddies via checkpoints.

Speaking of which, Kayak VR: Mirage has some of the most exquisite visuals ever created for a video game. This game is a wonderful illustration of how far virtual reality technology has advanced in recent years thanks to its hyperrealistic water effects, kayak movement, and great sound design. One of the greatest underrated racing experiences on Steam includes a variety of locales, day and night variations, weather conditions, time attack, leaderboards, personalization, and strong optimization.