A brief guide to professional car transport services in Bangalore!

Google Maps has given driving a new direction and made navigation easier. Considering poor internet connectivity and other factors, you can’t rely on this web mapping platform to relocate to a remote location. Even today, professional auto movers who provide car transport in Bangalore are the ones to trust. In this blog, we will discuss four-wheeler relocation using auto shipping services. Continue reading:

First things first, how is driving your car long-distance harmful to health? 

In some ways, driving a four-wheeler a long distance is less expensive. But it’s definitely a crazy idea. It can put your life at stake. According to the NCRB, over 1.55 lakh people in India were killed in road accidents in 2021. As per the Times of India’s report, the highest number of deaths in road accidents are reported on national highways. Nothing can be more precious than life, so if your budget allows, consider opting for professional auto-shipping services for vehicle relocation. Further, driving all those miles on its own tire is not healthy for your car. It can cause wear and tear on your vehicle, lead to expensive repairs, and shorten the lifespan of your vehicle.

It is safer and healthier for your four-wheeler to travel on the back of a vehicle container. Therefore, consider approaching a professional auto moving company in Bangalore to ship your four-wheeler for you. Although there are numerous perks to shipping your four-wheeler with experts’ assistance, here we have highlighted the top seven: 

  1. Excellent door-to-door car shipping services 
  2. Steadfast end-to-end vehicle relocation solution 
  3. Damage-free and on-time vehicle delivery
  4. Financial safety net with transit insurance coverage 
  5. Digital payment gateways with COD option 
  6. User-friendly Chatbots with human assistance 
  7. GPS tracking facility and fair price 

Cautionary Tips 

There have always been instances of fraudsters or burglars impersonating reliable auto shippers. They work with the sole intention of looting customers. So, be sure you have a reputable moving company at your service because it is always better to be safe than sorry. Consider checking the credentials and legitimate records of the service provider. Choose a vehicle shipping company based on its services and track record. Nobody wants to see their valuable moving possession scratched or, god forbid, stolen.

5 Things to consider when looking for an auto shipping company: 

  1. Check the service provider’s reputation and market-experience 
  2. Be sure service providers have a thriving online presence 
  3. Check third-party reviews and ratings of service providers
  4. Be sure they are insured and bonded 
  5. Be sure they offer assurance in writing

A reliable auto shipping mover will ask you certain questions regarding your move. Here is the commonly asked vehicle information you need to share with car movers: 

  1. Origin location Destination
  2. Pick-up and delivery date 
  3. Open or enclosed vehicle container 
  4. Car’s make, model, type and year 
  5. Vehicle condition – operable or inoperable

Factors affecting vehicle shipping quote 

Many factors influence vehicle shipping charges, such as vehicle model, transport mode, vehicle condition, moving time, expedited shipping, time frame, etc. However, for door-to-door car relocation, you may expect to pay between INR 4000 and INR 20000, or more, up to 1900 km. Paying a deposit is standard procedure, and a reliable company won’t ask for a heavy deposit. You will only have to pay 10-15% of the total shipping cost, and the rest is required to be paid once your vehicle successfully reaches the desired point.

As far as affordability is concerned, Send car by train. Yes, you read that right. Indian Railways is a reliable, affordable, and economical shipping alternative. Although it’s challenging to accomplish the task alone, you can reach out to an auto shipping company that offers door-to-door four-wheeler shipping service via train to get your vehicle shipped to the desired destination without any worries. Moreover, consider asking for no-obligation, free quotes from multiple movers. Having several quotes in hand will help you negotiate with the best moving company.

Bottom Line 

We hope you found the information insightful and easily found your partner, keeping the tips in mind. Moreover, you can also get jaw-dropping deals with the provided advice. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a reliable auto-moving partner today to enjoy the perks of seamless shipping.