A Few Steps for the Right Comic Book Printing for your Upcoming Comic!

If you are a writer, you might already know the importance of good printing. Opting for a reputed printing company is a must. You should get in touch with a company that has been in the business for quite some time now and uses the right tools. They should also be able to guide you through the process as well as educate you about how everything works.

In the super-competitive market, you need to understand that comic books need more than awesome characters and great content. You have to pay attention to the visuals.

Here are a few steps to get it done if you choose the right custom comic book printing provider.

Start with a goal: You should have a clear idea about how you want the book to look. Do you have a specific set of colors in mind? It all depends on what you decide. So be wise and choose colors and fonts that would go with your book. Build the readership and connect to the audience with the right printing.

The creator must have a robust idea of how to market the book and how the final printed book should look like. Talk to the printing company in detail and describe every aspect of what you want. Look at their previous work to get inspiration. Check social media, Pinterest, famous comic books, etc.

Make printing choices: Once you know what you want, you have to make vital decisions like styles. Self-published cartoon artists and writers have to choose size, portrait, landscape, or square options, etc. You have to select the checkboxes so that the printing company can deliver what you want. You can even get it personalized.

Choose the paper type: Choose paper stock for your cover and inside pages. Go for a company with a fast turnaround. The cover can be printed on matte or glossy cardstock.

Choose the size: You also need to choose the size and the number of pages you want. Once the illustrations and content are ready, start thinking about all these. The earlier you plan, the better it is.

Choose the binding: There are so many aspects to take care of. You also need to choose the binding. Some go for perfect bounds, while others prefer saddle-stitched. It all depends on the budget and your preference.

Choose the color options: Do you want the book to be printed in black and white or would you prefer full-color printing? Whatever it is, it must complement your content and book type. However, if you ask me, I would tell you to go to all colors as they look more attractive.

Choose a printing company who can cater to all your requirements. Make sure you go through all its reviews and rating before hiring. The company might ask you to submit your comic art as a PDF file and order the comic books. They might send you just one copy after you proofread the same.

Revise as many times as possible and yes, refine the page layout as per your choice. You should pay attention to the kind of stitching because you want your book to be enjoyed by your readers over and again.

But yes, do work on your content before contacting the printing company. In fact, color printing techniques have been improvised over the years and thus, you don’t need to worry about the same. The reputed printing companies gain traction from the latest technology, which will make the book look awesome!

To wrap it up, make sure that your content is great and the content is even greater. To get a complete guideline on how to print your comic book, read the other blogs.