A Handy TikTok Guide For Beginners

TikTok has now grown in popularity far beyond Generation Z, with over 1 billion downloads worldwide, including 97 million in the US, according to data company Sensor Tower. Additionally, it was founded by the Chinese business Bytedance, currently regarded as one of its most prominent startups. The app is centered around sharing 15-second video clips paired to music frequently licensed by record companies and artists.

First, Create Your TikTok Account

To begin, you’ll want a set of headphones. Without sound, there is just no way to embrace TikTok. You may instantly start exploring videos after downloading the app. However, to upload your own, you must create an account.

By default, TikTok profiles are public, which means that anybody can access your profile and any videos you upload. To make changes to your privacy settings, press the three dots in your profile’s top right corner.

Navigating TikTok

After you’ve completed your profile, it’s a way to observe some TikToks. The app is organized around two primary streams. For You is a stream of videos created algorithmically, similar to Instagram’s Explore page by default. Swipe left to access another, Following, which displays uploads from individuals you’ve selected to follow. 

You’ll notice a set of symbols in each TikTok video. The first will lead you to the user’s profile. Then there’s a heart, which operates similarly to Instagram’s hearts or likes. Following are comments and an arrow facing the right side for sharing TikTok videos to other platforms. To increase the TikTok post’s overall engagement, you can generously buy instant TikTok likes sensibly to achieve your post’s reach effectively and your objectives so that you can grow well on TikTok in a short period.

Recording And Sharing Videos On TikTok

Are you prepared to share your unique TikTok video? To begin, tap the + icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The camera will automatically open, and you may add a song before you start recording. If you’re in a hurry to shoot something, you can go ahead and begin filming without any music, then add one afterward.

A Beauty button is located to the right of the recording screen, and it subtly removes the dark shadows beneath your eyes. The filter menu is located beneath it. Unlike Instagram’s filters, which have names like Valencia and Mayfair  that have become synonymous with the platform, TikTok are simply numbered. The timer is the final and most crucial function here, since it allows users to film films without constantly pressing the record button. It’s what allows TikTok’s famous dancing videos to exist.

TikTok’s may last up to 15 seconds, but TikTok users could also combine numerous clips for a total recording time of up to 60 seconds. Additionally, you may submit lengthier films that were captured outside of the app.

Once you’ve mastered standard TikToks, play with duets, which divide your screen in half and allow you to sing along with another creative. Touch the share button at the bottom of the original video and then select Duet to create a duet.

Hashtags, Challenges, And Music

TikTok is centered on music; selecting a popular song might be the primary cause for a video’s virality. The following information will assist you in making your choice. To begin, hit “Add a Sound” on the recording screen’s right-hand side. A streaming menu akin to Spotify’s will appear, featuring artists and albums. You may browse the platform’s most popular tunes here, as well as songs from Apple Music.

TikTok does not feature full-length songs; non-editable short clips control the platform. In simple words, if you fantasize about flossing along to a specific section of your favorite track, you might be out of luck. However, there is a workaround. Numerous users on TikTok play music from another device — such as a PC or audio — while they record. TikTok will then mark the music as an “Original sound,” which other users may include in their videos. A word of caution: Utilizing a loophole may constitute a breach of copyright.

The songs linked with TikTok #Challenges appear on the same music streaming menu. The TikTok community is bonded by challenges, which marketers frequently sponsor. For example, ABC is now promoting the #LikeAnAmericanIdol TikTok challenge, which asks you to “show off your incredible voice!” (The hashtag has been used in 25.3 million videos thus far.) Google recently conducted a similar challenge using the hashtag #HeyGoogleHelp.

The vast majority of challenges are self-funded. Rather than that, they are the result of collaboration between TikTok and the community. For example, the app is now running the #faketravel challenge, in which TikTok users pretend to be on a lavish trip. The meme mocks influencers who brag on other platforms such as Instagram about their #jetsetlifestyle.

Tap the “magnifying glass” icon at the bottom to access all of TikTok’s current challenges. A search bar is located at the top of that very same menu, and it can be used to find specific hashtags, sounds, and creators.

Other Metrics, Notifications, and Views

You can see how many users have viewed your TikToks by checking at the view counts on your TikTok profile when you start sharing them. To check who has liked or commented on your videos, tap the notifications button at the bottom of the home screen. You may still see who has viewed or followed your profile from this page. One crucial note: TikTok is known for bombarding users with engagement bait via push notifications. If you don’t want to get that kind of spam, go to your phone’s settings menu and disable TikTok notifications.

TikTok also alerts users when famous creators are “LIVE streaming” (although this service isn’t available to everyone). While viewing a live stream, you could tip creators in virtual items purchased with TikTok Coins, just like on Twitch. One dollar = 100 coins. In appreciation for these gifts, creators frequently acknowledge their followers or answer every question they pose in exchange for a percentage of which they could convert into ordinary currency.

You’re all set to go.

You now understand how to participate in TikTok most recent #Challenge. Your lip-syncing masterpiece now has a digital pepperoni slice. Perhaps you actually danced a little. You’re all set to check out TikTok. Additional features of the programme are plentiful, and the easiest way to discover them is to experiment with it. So crank volume up and get out there.