A Practical Guide to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 15106

Want to get the most recent updates of Payroll tax tables in QuickBooks, but every time you attempt to do it, QuickBooks error 15106 abruptly shows up on the computer display? If yes, then let us assure you that this is the exact right place for you. You might be currently seeing an error text stating, “Failed to reset update.” Generally, such kinds of payroll errors get triggered when QuickBooks lacks sufficient Windows permissions to download the payroll tax tables updates. Nonetheless, there can be different factors too behind payroll error code 15106 that we aim to describe to you, along with all the troubleshooting fixes.

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What are the factors leading to Payroll error code 15106?

Aside from the insufficient Windows permissions, Payroll error code 15106 often arises because of the below-mentioned factors:

  1. QuickBooks Desktop of the user has been functioning in terminal services surroundings in multi-user mode.
  2. The QuickBooks Desktop application has been outdated and requires updates.

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How to rectify QuickBooks error 15106 with safety?

Solution 1) Launch QuickBooks Desktop using the administrator account

  • Click on the Windows Start logo.
  • In the search space, type “QuickBooks Desktop” and right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon.
  • Select the Run as administrator option.
  • Inside QuickBooks Desktop, try to get the updates of payroll tax tables.

In case you face QuickBooks error 15106 again, proceed further to the second solution.

Solution 2) Try to update payroll in the single-user mode of QuickBooks

  • Right-click the icon of QuickBooks Desktop and then select Open.
  • Go to the File menu.
  • From the drop-down list, select the Switch to Single-user mode option.
  • Try to update the payroll tax tables and see whether you get any payroll errors this time.

If Payroll error code 15106 persists, move directly to the third solution.

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Solution 3) Manually update QuickBooks Desktop to its recent version

  • Press down the Control key on your keyboard and simultaneously double-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon.
  • On the No Company Open display, select the Help menu.
  • Click on the Update QuickBooks Desktop option (from the drop-down menu).
  • Select the Options tab and then click on the Mark All option.
  • Select the Save button.
  • Select the Update Now tab and then mark the checkbox for Reset Update.
  • Once you are ready to download the available QuickBooks updates, select the Get Updates button.
  • Exit QuickBooks Desktop and then open it again.
  • On the QuickBooks update installer screen, select the Yes option.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Launch QuickBooks Desktop and try to get the payroll tax table updates.


In case you fail to get over QuickBooks error 15106 even after following the aforementioned troubleshooting solutions, then there are high chances that the Windows Firewall security settings have been blocking QuickBooks Desktop from connecting to the internet. Hence, we suggest you make exceptions for QuickBooks in the Windows Firewall settings. You can also overcome Payroll error code 15106 immediately by getting live troubleshooting assistance from our QuickBooks professionals at 1.800.579.0391.

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