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Ajman Free zone Authority began its performance in 2014 and is the controlling body for an Ajman offshore company. This has easy accessibility to both Eastern and Western markets because of the tactical spot at the doorway of the Arabian Gulf. If you are looking for Ajman offshore company formation then this can be a beneficial decision for you at it need low of business establishment, this is recognized as the cheapest offshore between other offshore company jurisdictions in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, this is the quickest offshore, that takes minimum time for establishment than other offshore companies.

Ajman offshore companies are overseas companies that can’t take business within the UAE but are allowed to invest in the companies in the UAE. For any communication with Ajman free zone officials, a registered agent is mandatory for Ajman offshore. Ajman offshore company formation needs a need minimum of 1 director and a minimum of 1 stakeholder. The elimination of stakeholders is very easy than in other jurisdictions. The offshore company should be needing a secretary; the director can work as a secretary.

Establishing an Ajman offshore company is reasonable cost-wise and gives investors the advantages of asset security, zero taxation, and business secrecy. Ajman is the smallest emirate in the UAE. The Ajman free zone and Ajman port are the major contributors to the emirate’s economy. Forming a business in Ajman is affordable and comes with many other added advantages such as land at affordable rates and inexpensive rental space.

Why Choose for Ajman Offshore Company Formation 

  • Quick Release of Trade License 

Getting a business license in Ajman is cost-effective and the procedure to obtain it obstacle-free. The fast release of business licenses makes Ajman free zone a perfect location for business establishments. Apart from this, the one-day procedure of paperwork clearing speaks volumes of how well the feed zone is maintained.

  • Multiple Visa Options 

There are various packages of visas available for the Jebel Ali Offshore Company Formation The smart office package permits up to three visas, and the executive office package permits around 5. Business people who don’t require physical space can profit from the flex-desk package – it provides business people the utilization of office space, alliances, and other services like conference rooms, without the requirement of renting a permanent desk.

  • Low Barriers to Entry 

The pro-business climate lets business people establish their businesses easily and quickly at a low cost. There is not just a need to give paid share capital to avail your Aman company establishment, but there is no ongoing bookkeeping or auditing needs.

  • Multiple Stakeholder 

A minimum of one stakeholder is needed to form a business in Ajman. New free zone companies – that are necessarily limited liability partnerships within the free zone – are permitted a maximum of five stakeholders.

Benefits of Ajman Offshore Company Offshore 

The benefits you can avail during Ajman company establishment are mentioned below –

  • Ajman free zone is worldwide relevant jurisdiction
  • Quick and inexpensive registration procedure in Ajman. This is the very cost-effective free zone in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Ajman offshore company establishment would permit you to manage or open a bank account in the United Arab Emirates or globally.
  • Information of directors and stakeholders aren’t made public
  • Ajman offshore company is free from taxation
  • Ajman company setup can get 100% overseas ownership
  • Ajman offshore company doesn’t require physical office space in the United Arab Emirates.
  • There is a requirement for share capital

Requirements for Ajman Offshore Company Formation 

  • Minimum 1 stakeholder is needed. Corporate stakeholders are accepted as well.
  • The capital framework of Ajman offshore company would be determined by the stakeholders
  • At least two stakeholders are needed, corporate directors are not permitted.
  • The status of stakeholders and directors can be held by a person.
  • The offshore company should require a secretary. A director can take this position as well.
  • The stakeholder’s physical presence or their authorized lawyers is required to sign the documents in front of the Ajman Free Zone Authority officers.
  • The appointment of a registered agent is necessary. The office address of an agent would be utilized as the address of Ajman offshore company.
  • The Ajman offshore company name should end with the “Limited”
  • Ajman offshore company cannot involve in any activity of the business outside the free zone or trade with individuals outside the free zone and inside the United Arab Emirates.
  • Stakeholders are allowed to invest in the companies of the UAE.
  • Stakeholders based on the Ajman offshore company cannot get the UAE residence visa.

Types of Activities Allowed for Ajman Offshore Company Formation 

  • This can be holding company
  • General trading
  • International services
  • Professional services
  • Investments and joint investments company
  • Ship management and shipping
  • Ajman offshore company can work as commission agents that are intermediary brokers
  • Consulting and advisory services
  • Property owning

Documents Required for Ajman Offshore Company Formation 

The necessary documents you will have to prepare for Ajman offshore company setup are given below –

  • Copies of the valid passport of the stakeholder of the company
  • A visa with the UAE entry stamp page
  • An original residence proof for every stakeholder
  • Every stakeholder’s personal profile
  • A bank reference letter for every stakeholder
  • Certificate of incorporation of the parent company
  • Memorandum of Association and Article of Association
  • Board resolution saying the similar regarding offshore company formation
  • A good standing certificate

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