Allow The Official Black Cab Company To Ease Some Of Your Stress

Official Black Cab:

The Official Black Cab Company is a tailored black taxi service that prides itself on competence, punctuality, and excellence. We provide an unparalleled maintainable and well-organized service wherever you are in the UK. With approachable and smiling service, getting you to where you need to be, on time, and securely is always our main precedence.

We struggle to give you that individual touch to your trip, ensuring you get to your terminus as effortlessly and securely as possible. All our drivers have the exhaustive ‘information of London’ and can therefore navigate instantly through traffic and roadworks to all Terminuses. Our vehicles are also allowable to use the London bus tracks, therefore shortening your journey time.


Our stresses have always been on creating a squad of friendly, cooperative drivers with the total obligation to serving our customers. We are also keen to apply all new technologies and offer forward-thinking bookings online, mobile, and by the handset. Despite the ever-increasing changes in technology, we uphold intense importance on competent and friendly customer service, which we trust and this has always been the foremost reason for our accomplishment.

Official Black Cab 24/7 services:

Taxis work 24 hours, which lets customers book the taxis anytime even during midnights also. What all you have to organize is to book the taxi and the driver will grasp the location at a specified time.

Official Black Cab Several options:

The taxi service companies let customers select the car as per their requirements and budget. You can either select an estate car, saloon car, MPV as per your requirements.

  • What faults to avoid while selecting taxis?
  • Failing to book the taxi before the chosen date

This one is the main error that the majority of people make. Without a previous booking, there are probabilities that you may not be able to book good taxis. So, it’s better to book the taxis a few days before your traveling date.

 London Corporate Cabs Wedding Taxis:

The Official Black Cab Company Wedding Taxis are outdated London Black Cabs. Perfectly obtainable, gracefully ornamented with white streamers and bows or flowers to add that concluding touch. All of our Taxis are the up-to-date TX Electric models, with no advertisements and full chrome trim, they stand out from the crowd.

Airy and private privileged for the bride and father, with room in an additional wedding taxi for up to 6 attendants it’s the seamless bridal transport and a fantastic way to arrive at your singular day. Being so spacious we can also accommodate your photographer in the taxi to apprehend some great pictures along the journey.

Official Black Cab London Taxis:

London Taxis are a vital part of London’s transport system and are part of daily city life. The iconic shape of the London Taxi is promptly familiar across the world.

With our fleet of iconic zero-emissions accomplished electric taxis and exceedingly capable drivers, The Official Black Cab Company is proud to offer unresolved black cab service for our future corporate customers.


We offer days out transportation as well as London tourism tours. Traveling in an iconic Black London Cab taxi means you can like our personalized tourist tours of the city which have continuously been and continue to be, very general with visitors to London.


We deliver first-class taxi transfers from anyplace in London to any terminus. What better means to arrive in London than in a London Black Cab? You can lease a London Black Cab at a very viable rate for all UK Airport Transfers. With have 3 dissimilar London Black Cabs, the traditional, Mercedes Vito or the new Electric Taxi.