Boost Your SMS Campaign by Using Branded SMS Services

Branded SMS marketing has seen a rise in popularity recently, but it still often goes unseen compared to other more traditional marketing techniques. However, it is an excellent method of direct marketing with the service allowing country or region-wide access to potential customers.


The service integrates the name of the brand itself into the message that is sent out. Not only does this increased awareness, it also solidifies credibility. SMS marketing can be used for various purposes. Some businesses prefer to send out sales deals while others choose to offer loyalty rewards or promotional offers. SMS marketing is highly flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs and demands of a business. This makes it an extremely powerful and useful tool when it comes to marketing.

Smartphones have nearly become a necessity and almost every person has one. People spend hours and hours on their phones, using it for everything which is why SMS marketing makes sense and has been successful.

Effectiveness of Branded SMS marketing

SMS marketing is effective because it uses text messaging services to communicate with clients which significantly increases the accessibility of brands to the consumers. People are much more likely to check their messages as compared to any other medium of marketing like emails, as the average open rate for an SMS is about 98%.

Text messages are sent directly to a consumer’s phone. People are extremely likely to check their phone when a message comes in as it could be from one of their friends, colleagues or family members. E-mails often go unchecked and even if people open their email inbox, they can just choose to ignore the message instead of opening it and reading the content inside.

An SMS marketing campaign that is well-thought-out increases customer engagement and brand loyalty. People do not like receiving messages containing irrelevant information, but they do appreciate messages that contain helpful updates. Personalized messages containing promotional offers and discount codes are an excellent way of gaining an audience. With the right messages, brands can even drive the recipients to follow their social media handles.


Regardless of whether a brand is a start-up or if it is well established, it can be difficult to persuade the public to willingly sign up and agree to receive promotional messages. Consistency can play a major part in winning a consumer’s trust and persuading them into signing up for the SMS service.

However, these brands must ensure that they are not flooding their consumer’s inboxes with constant and unnecessary messages, updates, and reminders as it can become frustrating at one point having a negative impact instead. They do not want their phone to be buzzing and ringing at odd hours, giving them another reason to not sign up for any sort of message subscription service in the future.

Branded SMS services can be configured to send out messages automatically. Automating the process ensures consistency and helps build a relationship with clients. The messages are sent out based on a set schedule.

Text messages have an extremely high open-rate. People are much more likely to check a text message than an email. However, brands need to have a database of contacts before they can start sending out text messages. They need to make a list of potential clients from whom they can expect a positive response.

Text messages offer a higher engagement rate which can further be improved by composing messages that feel more personal. Avoid the messages from being too bland or sounding like spam as they can cause potential customers to quickly become uninterested.

Tips and Tricks for an Excellent SMS campaign

Timing is crucial when it comes to making your SMS marketing campaign effective. In order to achieve the best results, focus on sending out messages at the times when customers are more likely to make a purchase. Early morning or late-night messages are not recommended as they can be annoying and disturbing. No one wants their phone blowing up with promotional messages when they are trying to sleep.

In order to increase engagement, promotional offers or limited-time deals can be sent out. Customers can also be updated about any upcoming appointments through these messages. The messages should be short and to the point without the use of any abbreviations. Messages that are direct and to the point work well as they get the message across better.

Using SMS marketing in the correct manner can provide exceptional results for a brand. The high open rates offer a higher ROI, especially if the SMS marketing is working with other marketing mediums such as social media and email marketing. links to the social media handles or websites of the brand can be included in the message, urging receivers to visit the page and follow the brand online.

SMS marketing can be useful to create brand awareness and this can be suitable for start-ups who need to grab the attention of customers and build a following. For newer brands, customer feedback is crucial. SMS marketing allows them to gather information and improve the performance of the brand according to their consumer’s expectations.

SMS marketing campaigns are fairly new when compared to other marketing techniques such as email and social media. However, they have seen a rapid rise in popularity, especially amongst newer brands. The cost-efficiency and high open rates of SMS are some of the biggest advantages of using this method of marketing as people are much more inclined to open a text message.

Using bulk SMS service

We all know that businesses are not just getting competitive, but they are also looking for methods, platforms, and techniques that can help them maximize the impact of their marketing with minimum investment and staying within their market budget. This is where branded SMS marketing takes a lead by being a cost effective medium for brands to get their message delivered to a greater audience. There are companies that have got some of the most budget-friendly plans and packages, which lets the brands leverage the power of SMS marketing easily.

So now with branded SMS marketing, you don’t have to worry about the budget anymore as you can easily work with these packages being offered by the SMS marketing service companies and have this valuable addition to the marketer’s toolkit. This would provide you the opportunity to utilize Branded SMS maximum while benefiting from its versatility, potential, and high ROI.

There is an easy way of integration or implementation of this service where an account would be created and set up with a number of tools and advantages that can benefit your business according to your needs. Here you can customize your message as well.

The process can be automated with the messages being sent out on their own once a time and data list has been set. Whether a brand uses SMS marketing to send out limited-time offers or to send a thank you message when a customer makes a purchase, the service is highly versatile and easy to use which makes it an excellent tool to boost your sales and marketing.