Camping Essentials – You Should Not Go Without Them

Camping can be both a great experience and a painful one, depending on how prepared you are. There are many campsites available that offer basic amenities and comforts. Camping is the best therapy. You can recharge your batteries and unplug while you’re away from the concrete jungle in the woods.

Camping can be daunting without the comforts of a roof or a bed. Camping can be very enjoyable if you have the right equipment and prep. Finding your balance between roughing it and finding your comforts is the key to camping success. The right equipment can make your experience more enjoyable.

This is our guide to the best packing lists for your camping trip.


Camping tents come in many styles. They can be simple two-man tents or they can be complex four-bedroom villa-style tents. You should consider the climate you will be camping in when choosing a tent. There are many choices at Decathlon for both cold and warm climates. You can travel solo or with your family, so make sure you choose the right size. You should choose a smaller size if you want to share it with people you enjoy.

  Sleeping Bag + Sleeping Mat

The right sleeping bag choice is crucial when you go camping. A sleeping bag can be described as a cooler. It retains heat, so you can put hot things in it. Things stay cold if you put cold in them. You will stay cold if you go to bed at night. Make sure you get a sleeping bag with a temperature rating that is a few degrees lower than the one you would expect at camp.

Once you have sorted your sleeping bag you will want to get a mattress or a mat. A mat to lay on can make it easier to sleep, as the ground can be hard, cold and bumpy.

 Camping Chair

You can bring a chair for camping, depending on how you travel. A simple folding chair with no backrest is best for motocamping or bike camping. There are many camping chairs to choose from if you’re fortunate enough to have a four-wheeler. These chairs have useful features such as a place for books, bottles and a comfortable back to rest on.

Head Torch

You will most likely have very little to no light at camp at all at night, unless there is a campfire. It is strictly forbidden to do obscene acts or walk around in darkness without any light. Campers should always have a torch with them, whether they are using a head torch or a handheld torch. The head torch makes it easier to carry around, and your hands can be free for other camp tasks.

Shoes & Other Bathing Accessories

Even if you aren’t on a hike, a pair of good trekking shoes is essential. Trekking shoes will protect you from any slips or falls on uneven surfaces and rocks during your stay at camp. Some bathing accessories like towels, soap & under garments are also important things we should have for shower on the road or in the forest.

Water Bottle

Hydration is vital when you are outdoors and active in camp. A metal water bottle is a great way to keep hydrated. They are durable and can be reused hundreds of times. Avoid single-use plastic water bottles and plastics. Here is an example of what to avoid.


Since forever, cowboys and campers have been making hats look great! A hat protects you from the sun and gives you an adventure vibe. The hat protects your neck and prevents sunburns. You can pair your hat with some nice sunglasses outdoors to increase the cool factor. The cycling goggles are light and UV protected, making them easy to wear at camp.

Camping Apps

You have to compile a list of the top camping apps that will help you locate a campsite, pack your gear, and enjoy the outdoors.

First Aid Kit

You’re bound to get cuts and blisters while you prepare food, go hiking, or just being outside. You can make your own first aid kit that is tailored to your needs. You will need to have some band-aids, paracetamol, cotton swabs and betadine.

Mosquito Repellent/Sunscreen

Bugs will always be a problem, even if you are camping indoors. You should always have a large tube of sunscreen with you to protect your skin from the sun. You will be out in the sun for long periods of time.


Good camping manners dictate that you dispose of all trash in a bag. You can leave no trace so that the next camper can enjoy the campsite as much as you did.

Set up camp early so you can enjoy the sunsets and stars. You can start with a simple one-day camping trip and expand your travels as you become more proficient at planning your equipment. You’re sure to have some camping bumps, but that’s part of the camping learning experience.

There are many other things you should bring on your winter camping trip. We have to go with all possible things required in the camping tour so that we can enjoy the trip.