Finding a Quality Electric Scooter Supplier in California

With technology being so advanced, electric vehicles have started to become a trend in many parts of the world, whether it be an electric scooter, an electric bike, or an electric bicycle. Gradually, people are starting to realize how important time is, which is why traveling has become more common on electric vehicles that can be used to commute faster, like electric scooters, electric bikes, or even electric bicycles. In contrast, traditional traveling methods like cars and bikes have started to be left behind. 

Zoom about town on an electric scooter is quickly becoming the trendiest option form of transportation. Not only are electric bikes easier to handle, but they make rides much safer and more comfortable. 

When buying an electric vehicle, it’s crucial to understand what you need and where to get it from. Any electric scooter model you purchase needs to be from a supplier that you can trust will deliver you the best quality item and have them manufactured from a reliable company. 

With so many options out there, choosing companies to look at might get overwhelming at one point. This is why we came up with this extensive guide to help you and make sure you get the electric scooter that you need and want.

What do we offer an Electric Scooter?

Moped Electric Scooter


Los Angeles scooter pros is a company located in the USA that supplies electric scooters and electric bikes.  All of our scooters and electric bikes go through a 21 point inspection before being boxed and shipped out.  This ensures that our customers have the highest quality product. 

So, If you’re looking for an electric wholesale supplier in CA, we are your way to go. 

There are various models that la scooter pros offer. Here are some examples:


A3 electric scooter

The A3 electric scooter is a product that’s stylish yet accessible for both adults and young kids. These electric scooters are upgraded with a 10-inch air pneumatic tire filled that helps make your drive smooth and steady on hills and curbs. A 26 miles scooter range makes them the best electric scooter company out of all their competitors. 


The A11 ranks on top as one of the most powerful electric scooters available on the market. With a top speed of 15 MPH, the scooter is the perfect solution for students, businessmen, and even the elderly. 


This is another type of electric scooter provided by the la scooter pros that’s compatible with working on an Android or an IOS device with 14-inch air tires and a disc braking system to help gain control over the electric vehicle.

Electric Bike

The Electric bike is all about the swagger. It’s a powerful device that gives you a max speed of 16 MPH and a range of 15 miles on a full charge. 

The bike is meant to represent the ultimate modern style of casual business. With the collapsible handlebar, it serves as your commute on the way to work and fits in neatly underneath your desk while you finish up on work. 

Things to look for when finding a supplier

X4 Electric Scooter

When searching for a supplier for e scooters, it is vital to keep in mind the safety levels of the electric bike or the electric scooter. Every electric scooter that you buy needs to have performance parts readily available that work well and make sure the customer’s ride is comfortable and might as well be exciting. 

One thing you need to make sure of is that the weight of the electric scooter isn’t heavy or light but enough to keep it steady when riding it. This heavily depends on the vehicle’s weight and the maximum weight capacity that it can handle. For example, our Urban Drift Electric Scooter has a product weight of 66 lbs with a max capacity to withhold 330lbs. 

To check these, you can either contact the supplier or look at the business page to confirm; usually, it’s mentioned with every vehicle description, like how we mention each product’s description at the end of the page. 

Along with that, check the batteries inserted in the model you choose to buy. This would not only influence the best long range electric scooter and power of your scooter, but it also impacts the motor, lights, top speed, and other accessories.

Most e-scooters use a lithium-based battery that is considered powerful, long-lasting, efficient, and can be used for a long time on a single charge. This is what differentiates a fuel-powered kick scooter from a high-quality electric scooter. Whether you’re a retail buyer or a wholesaler, you must be aware of all this knowledge before choosing a supplier to do business with. 

Before investing in electric scooters, you need to be careful and check whether the wholesale suppliers are providing you with the best material. It is vital to be sure about the location of your supplier for spare parts that the customers might need or any service that is required may be entertained quickly. 

Los Angeles Scooter Pros are proud to say that we currently are the top electric scooters and electric bikes/bicycles suppliers in California. 

You can search and contact our local warehouse to avail of our free nationwide delivery services in the USA. The real benefit of choosing an electric scooter supplier that’s located in close vicinity is that you get rapid customer service for any immediate need. The electric scooter supplier is also able to supply spare parts and maintenance services at a short notice. 

The electric scooters should also be made sure to have the latest technology at an affordable price. Money is one of the many reasons people opt for an electric scooter instead of other forms of transport. An electric bike with good speed, quality motor, and exceptional batteries is something that everyone would prefer to have if it’s at a reasonable price. Most of our scooters fall under that range with prices that everyone can adapt to. 

The range of an e scooter also heavily depends on its batteries. Other than that, the motor of the electric scooters should be around 250W, but if you’re planning on going on steep hills, then you might need an engine that generates enough top speed and power to be able to climb these hills. 

Most models of electric scooters come with a climbing capacity mentioned on the site, along with speed and what the scooters can manage. 

One last thing is that whenever you are looking to buy electric scooters, electric bikes make sure they’re sturdy and compact. You’re able to upgrade your vehicle with services and accessories offered by the market and the retailer or the wholesale supplier. This is one of the best reasons for buying an electric scooter because not only do you have the option to keep it sleek and style it however you want, but it’s accessible. It can be folded so it’s easier for you to carry it around, whether you’re chilling at the park or need to tuck it under the desk at work. 

Why Choose LA Scooter Pros As Your Electric Scooter Suppliers?

Now that you’ve read and understood how to find the best electric scooter supplier in California, you don’t need to start sifting through the yellow pages. At LA Scooters we fulfill all the criteria you need to make us the best electric scooter and electric bike supplier in California. 

As a business, we understand how important it is for you as an e scooter business to be in partnership with reliable suppliers that solve more problems than they create. That’s why we’ve ensured throughout our 10-year history to ensure that not only do our e-scooters meet the highest standards in the market but that we also offer the best customer service to our business partners. Our service is extremely transparent and we’re completely open to allowing our customer’s on-site visits to check out our products. 


Key Takeaway: 

  1. We are the largest electric scooter supplier in California
  2. On-site warehouse visits
  3. Our scooters go through a 21 point inspection before being boxed and shipped out
  4. Exceptional services