Gucci launches a range of eco-friendly products, all raw materials 100% recyclable

As part of its environmental strategy, Gucci launched a new product line, Gucci Off The Grid, which focuses on environmental protection.

The series uses Econyl (a recycled nylon made from discarded fishing nets and ocean fishing gears) as its main material. The first products include ready-made clothing, pants, bags, backpacks, small bags, shoes and other kinds of accessories. In addition to Econyl, all other materials used in the new product series are also recyclable and eco-friendly materials, such as heavy metal-free leather, thread and polyester liners that can recyclable, brass and gold recyclable, and solvent free binder. For more information on Econyl, please refer to Luxe.Co’s previous report: Why do more than 50 big names such as Prada and Burberry have such a premium partnership with this yarn mill? | Beautiful close-up

This product line is part of the Gucci Circular Lines project, which is a project to support Gucci’s internal sustainability. The ultimate goal is to achieve 100% circular sustainable production.

To promote the series, Gucci will release, conceived by creative director Alessandro Michele, shot by photographer and director Harmony Korine, global activist and Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda, winner Grammy Awards Lil Nas X, musician King Princess and Miyavi and environmentalist David Mayer de Rothschild participated in a global advertising campaign. In the commercials, urban dwellers live in pristine tree houses, tree houses, and the simple lifestyle they portray as metaphorical people want to get out of the traditional life and enjoy more of life. live off the grid.

“This series is the result of teamwork. Everyone has work to do. We all communicate well when we think about new things. Like kids playing in the park,” Michele said. We hope we can stay downtown with everyone. Build a tree house. ”

Just last week, Gucci [See more:] launched a dedicated Instagram account, Gucci Equilbalance, to increase communication on sustainability initiatives and claims that the current goal of environmental protection is: protecting the environment. 10 years from 2015 to 2025. Reduce impacts by 40% and reduce carbon emissions by 50%. Between 2015 and 2019, Gucci fell 39 percent and 37 percent, respectively, in these two areas. In 2019, Gucci’s greenhouse gas emissions are down 18% compared to 2018. (For details, see Luxe.Co report: Gucci launches a dedicated sustainable fashion account on Instagram)