How Can You Encourage Your Staff To Be More Engaged And Happy?

Do you motivate your employees and keep them happy as business owners? Do your employees like their job? Do they come to the office in an enthusiastic way and contribute productively?

If you can answer these questions correctly, your employees are motivated to work. But there are many issues that employees face, and they are not motivated all the time. This can be a significant issue and can lead to the downfall of the business.

If your staff is disengaged and not motivated, it can have a negative impact on your business productivity and customer service relationships.

It is very important to retain your employees and keep them motivated and happy. If you are not able to comprehend how to keep your team happy, you have to put in some serious effort.

Do you keep your employees happy?

There are many ways through which you can keep your employees inspired and happy. These ways should be implemented in your business strategies and followed on a daily basis.

 Incorporating these tips will help you to grow your business and become a renowned business coach. Till this time, you can follow various business coaches and align your staff engagement strategies.

Once your strategies are aligned, you will feel a difference and an increment in your overall business performance.

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Ways to encourage your employees
  1. Keep your employees connected

To keep your employees motivated, keep them connected to your business. It is not essential to share the crucial information of your company but whatever is feasible, keep your staff updated.

If you fail to share such important information either unintentionally or intentionally, your employees can have a wrong impression out of it. Hence, share whatever information you can, including the short-term and the long-term goals of your business.

Also, whatever information is essential for their role, share it with them. This will help your team to work together and stay motivated.

Also, define the importance of the project that is being given to the employee. This will encourage them and help them ask the questions for a better understanding.

  1. Be clear with your expectations

When your employees are not clear with the business goals, it may affect their productivity. Make your expectations clear with the employees and keep them motivated for the same.

 If they are not aware of what they are supposed to do, they cannot do anything. Every time you assign a task to your employer, verify all the details and define your expectations out of it.

Also, define the importance of the project that is being given to the employee. This will encourage them and help them to ask for the questions for a better understanding.

  1. Do not sugarcoat unpleasant projects

If there is a project that is difficult or not as exciting as others, do not sugarcoat it. Sugarcoating unpleasant projects will refrain from them from taking up the task.

Be clear about the main aim of the task and do not glamorize it. Be truthful with your employees and expect the same in return.

  1. Consistency is the key

Consistency is the key to motivating your employees every time. Every employee is essential for you too, and you have to tailor their approach according to their needs.

If one employee is taking too long to process any information, do not lose your temper. Instead, make them understand and work on the deadlines with them.

If you are favouring somebody, nobody will like to work for you. Nobody likes to work for a boss who always takes biased decisions and turns up to their favourites.

  1. Set a good example

Do not follow “do as I say”. Instead, follow the approach of following “what I do”. Giving instructions to your employees every time can make wrong impressions.

For example, if you ask them to be punctual and you yourself are coming late to the office, it will have contrasting effects. Hence, to set an example of punctuality in front of your employees comes to office on time.

Another classic example is not concealing your own mistake. If you commit any mistake at work, do not conceal it and admit it. This will encourage your staff to admit their own mistakes do not hide their errors.

  1. Ask for input

If there is a situation at your business that requires advice, you can always ask your employees to give feedback. Actively seek their input on the situation and implement it wherever possible.

 Follow an open door policy and listen to their inputs with an open mind. Do not restrict your employees to give their feedback.

This way, employees can think actively and also can share their thoughts even if they are going in the wrong direction. Ensure that the ideas of your employees are heard, and you work on them actively.

  1. Show you care

Always pass on the positive message to your employees. Let your employees know that you are concerned for them at a personal level too. During free time, you can interact with your employees on a personal level and get to know their hobbies and interests.

This will make them feel wanted and also will identify their interests. Also, it can motivate your employees and can bring them closer to your business. The better you take care of your employees, the better they will work for your business.

Do not miss out on a chance to make your employees feel special. For example, you can find out ways to make your employees happy on their birthdays or anniversaries.

  1. Reward creativity

If your employer is being creative at work, always reward them. You can motivate your employees by rewarding their creativity and innovative inputs for the business. If they get some new ideas on board, you can value their opinion and engage them.

For example, if there is a new strategy to be launched in your business, you can ask for ideas from your employees. The best idea can be rewarded with some incentive. This will motivate other employees as well and will engage them in future.

Do not be upset if someone’s suggestion does not work as planned. Do not criticize that person for not giving constructive feedback. Instead, it should be treated as a learning experience for you and your team.

 Encourage your team by applying positivity within the office. You may offer them financial rewards as well.

To pay off your employees in terms of reward, you can borrow loans for people on benefits with no guarantor. Rewards are always encouraging and motivating. You can keep them motivated by offering them financial gifts.


Keeping your employees happy and engaged is essential for your business to grow. If your staff is unhappy, your business can never grow. Be innovative and empathetic towards your employees.

If they are happy at a personal level, it will reflect on their professional level as well. Also, it will help your employees maintain a balance between their professional and personal life.