How do schools in Abu Dhabi promote early years education in kids?

Since early education is one of the most critical aspects of children’s growth, choosing a good school becomes one of the most challenging choices parents have to make. However, we are here to help you with that. Parents searching for schools in Abu Dhabi have various choices in terms of teaching style, curriculum, classroom philosophy, and fee structure. Early childhood care and education (ECCE) is not only about preparing the students for higher studies – primary school. Early education ensures that the children develop socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. 

Good schools in Abu Dhabi offer a broad range of recognized curricula such as Montessori, Central Board of Secondary Education, and International Baccalaureate with a high-quality and well-rounded education.

Montessori curriculum

The Montessori curriculum does not believe in pressurizing the students with fast learning processes. This curriculum gives each student his or her own time to understand and learn. Besides quality education, this curriculum focuses on imparting qualities like empathy, social justice, and happiness as lifelong learning.

 Montessori schools also believe in giving students the freedom and support to ask questions, connect with people around them, make them confident, enthusiastic, and self-directed learners. 

This curriculum molds learning patterns according to the individual needs of the students. Also, students in these institutions are taught how to be self-dependent when it comes to learning new things. The schools in Abu Dhabi which have this curriculum believe in creating a homely environment for their students, wherein they are all a part of the family.

Overall Development imparted by a Montessori curriculum

 The best schools in Abu Dhabi focus on kids’ entire development with creative and distinctive academic training combining classic and modern teaching methods.

 This curriculum provides a well-planned, engaging environment that helps students develop and maintain an excellent foundation for creative learning, stimulating their creativity, health, and promoting a peaceful atmosphere while remaining safe and secure inside the indoor or outdoor settings. 

 The main goal of the best Montessori schools is to help students advance their abilities. The schools in Abu Dhabi contribute to the academic program that focuses on developing exceptional reading, language, mathematics, and writing skills. 

Central Board of Secondary Education

One of the biggest advantages of enrolling your kid in a CBSE curriculum-based school is that the curriculum has a more student-friendly approach. Also, the syllabus and way of teaching are relatively similar in all the CBSE schools whether it is in India, Singapore, or a school in Abu Dhabi itself. CBSE schools focus on the overall growth of the students and encourage them to find their skills and interests beyond bookish knowledge.

International Baccalaureate (PYP)

 The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) is a curriculum that is designed for young students – from Kindergarten to Fifth grade. The PYP (Primary Years Program) curriculum is a global education program that has been used for many years in schools around the world. It emphasizes the development of learners in all aspects. The idea behind this curriculum is to provide an enriched learning experience for students as they grow older instead of maintaining a one-track approach to learning throughout their school years.


Why is early education important for kids in Schools in Abu Dhabi?

 Kids learn good manners from an early age: Preschools are the first outer world experience for kids. That is where kids start to learn mannerisms and etiquette.

 Kids learn how to read, write, speak, count: Preschool years are crucial for a kids’ education as kids learn basics of education like counting, alphabets, talking, learning to write alphabets, and reading simple words during these years.

 Kids understand emotions and reactions at this age: Besides basic literacy, kids start understanding human emotions and their responses to those emotions. Examples: anger, pain, happiness, and sadness.


Science says that a human brain develops for about 90% till the time a kid turns six! That is the reason early education becomes so crucial. From 0-6 ages, a child learns all the physical and motor skills, his or her mother tongue, emotions, cultures, etc. Therefore, parents should be very cautious while choosing a school for their little ones.