How to build a Customer Experience Strategy?

Acustomer experience strategy is defined as a plan to increase customer satisfaction and engagement across all interactions with the brand, from discovery to post-purchase. Understanding the Customer Journey and applying the right Strategy across all stages will help improve the customer experience which leads to business growth.

Ecommerce businesses are becoming an essential extension of any business. The recent surge of businesses operating online due to the coronavirus pandemic has created a new normal. People have become accustomed to the convenience of online shopping for products and services. Businesses that don’t adapt to this new normal will get left behind.

1) Understanding Goals for you Buyers

It is needed to first understand the customers. Who are they? What are their Motives? This data will allow to build customer personas that you’ll later use to shape your strategy.

What your business goals?
Are you launching products or services into a current marketplace?
Are you having a Cx Experience strategy that can help you achieve long term goals?
how can your customer experience strategy framework help you achieve your long term goals?
What technology, people or processes do we need?
What gaps exist between customer expectation and actual experiences?
Where do we stand now in terms of a customer centric experience?

The answers to these questions will help you better shape your cx strategy.

2) Reconfigure the Experiences you want to deliver:

You can start by Listing the stages of your customer experience strategy. For example: Look for the opportunities to make an Impression like Amazon created it by its early Delivery. Start with making sure that customers go through this phase seamlessly. By keeping in mind the ultimate Goal that is meeting and exceeding the Customer’s Expectations you can start with figuring out your customer’s needs which will help you find out how to achieve it.

3) Hiring Team oriented Employees who can be invested in the process

To deliver great Customer Experience, it’s the employees that act as the key factor. By hiring people with Customer Experience Mindset, even if they don’t have a customer facing role can help deliver the Customer Experience expectations. It is necessary to pay attention at every single detail, even knowing the customers likes and dislikes, which can give you a chance to act on them. This can personalize the experience.

4) Early elimination of bad designs:

User experience plays a very important role when it comes to Customer Experience Strategy. User Experience is the most essential part as the customers build their first relationship with the brand, namely your product or your website.
Tips to improve Customer Experience:

1) Your customers should have a consistent experience throughout all channels — your website, apps, email, and social media channels.
2) Essentially make it easier to find the right information or services by removing the hurdles and streamline the process to purchase.
3) You can use factor in emotions. Some include emoji faces in their app, ranging from super smiley to mega grumpy.

05) Customer Feedback is very important:

Many a times companies think that they are providing a good customer experience whereas the Customer do not agree with them. Asking Customers for feedback is the best way to close the gap between CX Delivery and Customer Expectations.
· You can use Post interaction and real time Surveys to get the Feedback from Customers. Not just getting the Feedback but maintaining the interaction by positive responses can give a greater sense of connection with the customers. This can be achieve through an effective Customer Support System.
· By Practicing social Media listening, the most honest and Vocal Customers feedbacks can be attained.

6) Analyzing your Competitors:

To have a full knowledge about your competitors is a big step in improving Customer Experience. By knowing what they are serving your Targeted audience, you can come up with a strategy that could deliver more according to the market trends.
You can also Catchup with your Competitors by analyzing so that you are not lacking behind, also you can identify gaps, other times, such as CX tactics no one else is using. This can help in standing out.

7) Building an efficient Resolution System:

Your Customer Experience Strategy plans are nothing without a Customer Support system. There is nothing more disappointing to a customer than having an un-checked problem or delayed resolutions.

There are a lot of options that can provide you with an effective and efficient Customer Support System. Like, Live chat can be an effective way of providing resolutions to the Customer browsing your website. It is easy to access without distracting them. It can be integrated with video chat and chat-bots for even higher-quality support.

8) Attractive and Unique Brand Personality

To create a loyal Customer base you need to have a memorable brand personality. Companies are trusted to provide memorable experiences to their customers because they build a relationship with their Customers through their Brand identity.
Creating a unified brand identity by getting feedbacks from your employees, analyzing the market and innovative thinking towards providing the customers a better experience can help in building a brand identity.

9) Upgrade your Marketing

Customers are having a drastic shift in their preferences due to digital transformation. Customer are getting more and more advance in searching for they want and they wont wait for your ads, your emails, or salespeople to make their purchases as they are well informed.

Digital transformation can help you enhance your marketing strategies by providing Proactive and educational marketing rather than traditional marketing campaigns. The key towards creating the best customer experience before purchase is by using content, reviews and word of mouth marketing.

10) Choosing the Right Technologies and tools

This is the time when Customer Experience is digitalized, therefore it is not possible to have a Customer Experience strategy without the right technology. Choosing the Right Cx Platform is the key towards acheivning digital transformation in the Cx strategy:
· Find solutions based on application platform partners in areas of eCommerce, Stores, CRM, Order Management and enterprise integrations.
· Omni-channel engagement of customer can be achieved through right platform.
· Personalize interactions will help Increase customer engagement
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