How to Choose an Amazon Consultant: 10 Questions to Ask

Do you know Amazon has become an ecommerce giant with 50% shares in the ecommerce market? It is also known as the powerhouse of online sales. Amazon has everything you need in your daily life ranging from groceries to books to home appliances.

If you are looking to sell any of these products online, you need to start with Amazon to reach out to more potential customers daily. Your digital presence on Amazon as a seller will play a critical role in the success of your ecommerce business.

Make sure your customers have access to all your products in your online store. But it isn’t easy to do it all by yourself. That’s where the Amazon consultants come into play. You can hire Amazon consultants to get their consulting services to cater to your customer needs at highly affordable rates.

In this blog, you will know how to choose the right amazon consultant for your online business. The questions you can ask your Amazon consultant before hiring them to know if they are suitable for your business or not.

Q1. What is their previous work experience in the ecommerce business?

Amazon was founded in 1994, and many changes have been made in the ecommerce market since then. If you are collaborating with an Amazon marketing consultant who has extensive expertise in the ecommerce business, can benefit from your online business in a variety of ways, such as

  • Driving More Sales
  • Larger Return on Investment
  • Better Advice

An Amazon consultant with years of experience in this business can help you optimize your conversion rates and drive more sales. They know how to get more potential customers and generate more business revenue.

Amazon consultants are familiar with the changing algorithms of Amazon and can provide you with better advice. These consultants are also well aware of other ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce or Shopify that can help you if you are looking to drive more product sales across other ecommerce platforms.

Q2. What services are offered by the Amazon Marketing consultants?

Amazon is a giant retail store for all sorts of online goods. From a cost-per-click to SEO, Amazon consultants offer a variety of services for its customers. That’s why you need to choose which services you want for your company. The services provided by the Amazon consultants include Amazon SEO, Amazon PPC, Amazon FBA, and Amazon Review.

Amazon SEO: An Amazon SEO consultant specializes in search engine optimization. These consultants will focus on optimizing your products and services on Amazon and improve your rankings in the search engine result pages.

Amazon PPC: An Amazon marketing consultant specializes in Amazon pay per click. These consultants will focus on advertising your products and services through the Amazon marketing service platform, including Sponsored Products, Headline Search Advertisements, and Product Display Ads. These marketing consultants will work to improve the visibility of your products to drive more sales.

Q3: Do the Amazon marketing consultants understand Amazon search engine optimization?

Amazon marketing consultants specialize in various areas, including paid marketing, search engine marketing, and many more. The Amazon marketing consultants are familiar with Amazon’s search algorithms, especially getting their search engine optimization services.

They focus on your product listings and increase your product’s visibility and rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPs). If you are familiar with Amazon search engine optimization, then you can easily determine whether your Amazon marketing consultant is an SEO expert or not.

You can chat with your Amazon marketing consultant about their experience and their marketing strategies. You can browse their portfolio and read their customer reviews on social media platforms such as Facebook and Google. Client testimonials and case studies are also helpful. Your Amazon consultant must be well aware of search engine optimization as Amazon changes its search algorithms.

Q4: Do your Amazon marketing consultants know how to achieve the Amazon Buy Box?

Amazon buy box plays a crucial role in the success of an Amazon seller; that’s why your Amazon consultant must know the Amazon Buy Box. Amazon Buy Box has enormous advantages for your business as compared to the other sellers.

Your business needs to win the Amazon Buy Box as it contains the “Add to List” and “Add to Cart” buttons on the product listings and the winner of the buy box becomes the default Amazon seller for a product. The Amazon consultant should know how to achieve the Amazon Buy Box with competitive pricing and product optimization.

Q5: Do your Amazon marketing consultants offer transparent services and pricing?

Pricing plays a crucial role in the Amazon marketing consultancy; you need to collaborate with an Amazon marketing consultant who can meet your budget, especially when maximizing your business return on investment.

Amazon marketing consultants vary depending on their prices. Make sure the Amazon consultants you are hiring have transparent pricing. Some consultants share their price details online, while others say you can request a free quote.

The prices of the Amazon marketing consultants vary depending on the services they are providing, such as Amazon SEO, Amazon PPC, and Amazon FBA.

Q6: What tools are used by your Amazon Consultants?

It is helpful to understand which tools your Amazon marketing consultants are using because they will show you the reports generated by these tools. Some of the popular tools that Amazon marketing consultants use are AMZ Tracker, Jungle Scout, and

These tools are used for keyword research on Amazon, competitor analyses, conversion rate optimization, and product monitoring. Most of these tools are paid, and you can learn about these tools from your Amazon consultant.

Q7: Do your Amazon Consultants offer their portfolio or case studies?

When you research an Amazon consultant, you can browse their portfolio to know their expertise and the strategies they use. The Amazon consultants must maintain an updated portfolio of their case studies in ecommerce. If they fail to do so, it clearly shows their lack of experience in this area.

Product: If your Amazon consultant has specialized in this industry, that will serve as a bonus for your business. Look for the products they have successfully optimized, managed, or promoted.

Results: If you are collaborating with an Amazon consultant, you need to choose an Amazon marketing agency that shares your views on measuring success. Ensure the agency you have selected publishes their success results, such as an increase in product sales.

Some of the agencies don’t publish their work due to NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). If you are interested in hiring a company that doesn’t have a portfolio or pertinent case studies on their websites, you can contact them and ask for case studies or examples.

Q8: Do your Amazon marketing consultants use best practices for Amazon SEO?

Sometimes, many agencies use black hat practices to get success and generate results. Still, all these practices are against the policies or recommendations by search engines such as Google or Amazon. These unfair practices led to an account ban on Amazon.

If you are paying for the customer reviews or copying the product descriptions, these all result in banning your account on Amazon and damage your brand image. That’s why it is essential to choose the right Amazon marketing agency for your business that uses best practices for Amazon SEO and Amazon Pay per Click.

It is better to discuss with your Amazon consultant what tools and strategies they use to drive more business sales and optimize the conversion rates.

Q9: What is the conversion rate or client retention rate of your Amazon consultants?

Ensure the Amazon consultant you are hiring shows their exact client retention rate because, in most cases, they only highlight the results of their campaigns or their reviews from the clutch; all these are excellent indicators of a good agency or trusted consultant.

Optimizing your products and accounts on Amazon is a continuous process. Sellers on Amazon are always looking to increase your product sales, compete with their new competitors, and maintain their rankings in the SERPs.

That’s why it is essential to investigate the customer retention rate of an Amazon marketing consultant.

Q10: How do the Amazon consultants respond to your questions?

Make sure the Amazon consultant you are hiring is willing to respond to all your questions without hesitation. Your collaboration with your Amazon consultant should be transparent in terms of the services and pricing.

Your Amazon consultant should guide you on how you can optimize and promote your products on Amazon. If your Amazon consultant addresses all your queries and concerns, it will prove beneficial for your business. It will also help you in determining whether this is the right Amazon consultant for your business or not.



Amazon marketing consultants are helpful for your online business, especially when it comes to increasing product sales and optimizing conversion rates. Most of the Amazon consultants are experienced and have SEO knowledge. They are familiar with the continuously changing search algorithms of Amazon and devise strategies on how you can boost your online business.