How to Find and Hire an Electrician

Have urgent electrical repair work at home? That is why you land on this blog. Sure, you can handle home repair jobs like painting the walls, fixing a leaky faucet, mounting plank flooring, and repairing gutters. But only an electrician can take care of complex electrical maintenance jobs.


You shouldn’t neglect electrical maintenance as it can pose risks for you and your family. In Dubai, the cost of living is high, and the same goes for electrical services

But don’t try to tackle complex electrical problems yourself or hire an inexperienced electrician. It’s better to spend a few more pennies now than regret it later.

The introduction is getting long, so let’s begin with our recommendations for hiring an electrician.

How to Find and Hire an Electrician?

Here is a quick checklist to hire the best electrician for people in a hurry.


  • Identify your specific requirements
  • Write a specific and detailed job description to hire qualified electricians if you have a commercial project
  • Evaluate different candidates to shortlist the top few
  • Ask around in your circle for a professional electrical maintenance company in Dubai
  • Make a list of interview questions based on what your repair work needs


1- Check for Qualification

You should check for a technical service license issued by the Dubai government before you hire an electrician. 


Ask them about the courses and training programs they have attended and whether they have a professional degree. Training certificates and licenses can ensure that you are hiring a qualified person.

2- Identify the Electrician Type

There are apprentices, journeymen, and master electricians. Apprentices are like internees, only allowed to work under a qualified electrician, while journeymen can work independently, but their work experience is limited.

Masters are highly experienced professionals who have completed various training programs successfully and can tackle complex projects.

Based on the nature of your electrical project, you decide whether you need a master electrical service in Dubai or whether entry-level professionals can handle your repair work.

Consider a mid-level electrician if your electrical maintenance job is neither too complex nor too simple.

Secondly, you should decide between full-time, part-time, and contract-based electricians. If you have a large-scale maintenance problem or have to install electrical appliances in your new home, it’s best to hire a full-time electrician.

3- Describe the Job in Keen Details

Craft a detailed job description elaborating on the role, responsibilities, and needs. Trust us it will save you from a lot of headaches.

What should you add to your job description? Here you go:


  • Clarify if it is a commercial or residential project, continuing or a one-time project, whether you need a mid-level or senior electrician 
  • Include how much you will pay for an hour or full-day/half-day contract and the hours they will need to spend to finish the project. If it’s a commercial project, clarify if it’s a permanent job or contract based
  • Indicate your expectations from the person, preferably in a bulleted list such as, if they can repair a light fixture, install an AC unit, or spot wiring issues and fix them
  •  Include the required training, licenses, and registrations. If your work includes a specialized tool, software, or gear, mention it so that only those candidates apply who can use them. Also, mention what equipment you will provide and if you like to view their portfolio

4- Judge the Quality of Their Work

Work quality is super important here. You might not be a pro in electrical services, but you can tell if their work looks neat enough. An untidy electrical repair work can’t be called completely safe.

Ask them to take you to where they have performed electrical jobs. Check the places where multiple cables lay together, typically near the service board.

Look for the white plastic-sheathed cord usually present in residential wirings. See if it runs to the service console in an organized and tidy manner.

Can you see any crumpled and crossed leads? Do they slump from one joist to the other? If yes, then the candidate doesn’t know the work methodologies and doesn’t display the care vital to wiring a house safely.

We are not being fussy. An expert electrical maintenance company in Dubai combines the cords at the service board in an organized way. This neat work allows the electricians to match the wire with the corresponding circuit breaker.

5- Attitude Tells Everything

The hired electrician must be a professional. Many handymen are in the profession, but not all are “professionals” in the correct meaning of the term.

As you start talking with the candidate, their attitude towards their client (you) and the work reveal their degree of professionalism. 

Notice their ways of communication and whether they treat you nicely. Notice everything from their integrity, adaptability, personality, truthfulness, courtesy, and nature.

6- Search on the Internet

Use internet to find the best electrician or electrical service in Dubai. You will find reviews and ratings of previous customers that will help you decide whether the electrician is suitable for your repair job., BBB (Better Business Bureau), Angie’s list, and 

are reliable websites that feature details of electricians and their reviews. Millions of people have used these sites to find the best technical services and were satisfied.

There is no need to say that Google can find multiple technicians for you in seconds with details and reviews. 

Bottom Line

This was our guide to finding and hiring an expert electrician in your locality. We hope you like the article and will discover someone who can handle your electrical repair or maintenance work.

You can post the job ad for free on some online platforms. Include all the details and requirements and interview the interested candidates.

If your house or office is under construction and you need to wire the building and install appliances and light fixtures, take more time to find a highly experienced professional.

Using this guide, hire a competent electrical maintenance company in Dubai today!