How to make your sustainable packaging look phenomenal

The ongoing environmental crisis has led everyone to reevaluate their choices and activities. Therefore, people have now resorted to environment-friendly substitutes. This makes eco-friendly boxes the most popular packaging solution these days. Almost every company has started to switch to this sustainable option. This allows businesses to reduce any harmful impact on the environment and tend to their customers’ needs and demands. However, just like any regular packaging, it is necessary to enhance their appeal as well. Hence, there are various options available if for you to design exceptional sustainable packaging. So, read this out to find out different ways to create the best eco-friendly boxes.

Choose the right box from countless options

Eco-friendly boxes possess many impressive qualities, apart from being environment-friendly. For instance, they can be used for packaging any product that you can think of. Whether it’s ceramics or cosmetics, or any other product you can think of. Hence, packaging companies offer numerous designs so you can choose the best option for your packaging requirements. They also provide different samples to help you design the best boxes. Here are some of the designs you can choose from:

Two-piece boxes.

Sleeve boxes.

Mailer boxes.

Tuck-end boxes.

Pillow boxes.

Gable boxes.

Book-end boxes.

You can also pick an appropriate coating for the boxes as well. The right coating helps you give your desired finish to the boxes. Furthermore, you can choose from three different coatings. For instance, you can use a matte coating if you require a dull and matte finish for the boxes. On the other hand, gloss coating is an excellent option for shiny and polished Candle boxes. Moreover, this coating also makes the boxes stronger due to its additional layers. You can also use spot UV, which gives both gloss and matte effects.

Create your ideal packaging with colors and add-ons

Everyone sets specific goals and has an idea about how to design their packaging. So, you can achieve your packaging goals with the help of different customizations. These additions will help you create enticing and appealing boxes. Additionally, unique boxes will play a significant role in attracting more people and increasing your sales. You can also use creative and distinctive eco-friendly cardboard boxes as a way to promote your business as well.

There are various ways to create the perfect boxes. For instance, you can choose a vibrant and beautiful color scheme for the boxes. Such a color scheme will set your packaging apart from the rest. Furthermore, colors are and an excellent way to pique the customers’ interest as well. CMYK and PMS are the two models available for this purpose.

If you are looking for other ways to take your design to the next level, add-ons are the perfect solution for you. These additions can help you transform a regular box into something unique. Furthermore, there are several add-ons that you can use for eco-friendly boxes wholesale. Your options include:


Spot UV.



Foil stamping.

Use the right printing techniques

Packaging companies also allow you to personalize the printing techniques for the boxes. This helps you get the desired results for the printed material. The three techniques available are:

Flexography printing.

Digital printing.

Offset printing.

In addition to this, you can also choose what you want to print as well. For instance, you can print a short guide for using the products. Similarly, you can also include other details such as ingredient expiration date, precautionary measures, etc. Apart from this, it is crucial to print the brand name and logo on the boxes as well. This helps your boxes be more prominent and enables customers to recognize your brand and its products easily. Additionally, you can also pick a font style and color for the eco-friendly packaging boxes.

Consider the use of inserts

The products’’ safety is one of the top concerns of every manufacturer. Not only does it reduce loss but it also helps increase customer satisfaction as well. Hence, if you want to maximize the products’ security, inserts are the right choice for you. Inserts keep the products in their place and prevent them from moving inside the box. Thus, they prevent the products from getting damaged. Inserts are beneficial for shipping and deliveries. Additionally, inserts also keep the products neatly organized as well. Here are the inserts you can use for eco-friendly kraft boxes:




Punch inserts.

Fence inserts.

Customized inserts, such as trays, etc.

Select a packaging company

Choosing a suitable packaging company is another important choice that you have to make. The kind of boxes you’ll receive depends on the packaging company you choose. Hence it is necessary to make this decision carefully. Hence, it is mostly advised to compare suitable companies so you can make an informed decision. Furthermore, it is crucial to ensure that the company you choose provides all the necessary facilities within your budget.

After making your decision, you can collaborate with the packaging company and discuss your ideas and designs for eco-friendly corrugated boxes. In addition to this, several companies also provide professional advice to their clients for creating perfect boxes.

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