Key Features for Shopify Multi-Vendor Marketplace App

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace App is a conclusive tool to transform your online store into a fully-operational marketplace. With the help of Shopify Multivendor Services, multiple sellers can get registered, who can sell and get a great deal out of their products locally or globally. The respective admins can fare a commission on each seller’s earning. Shopify Multivendor Services eases the process of adjoining more sellers and keeps a keen track of their sales. Shopify Multivendor Company like hire Shopify experts helps sellers to design and create their digital store while including a variety of products and services. Admin can efficiently set individual commissions and a global commission for all the sellers.

After a consistent series of conscientious development and testing is done by experts and developers of Shopify Multivendor Company, they were able to generate a secure, easy to intervene, and practical multi-vendor Shopify app with advanced features and functionalities. Let’s shed some light on the newly accomplished and updated features provided by Shopify Multivendor Services and Marketplace app for Shopify-

Vigorous Seller Dashboard– A virtuous and brisk interface is been developed and modified for the landing page of the seller dashboard. In this feature, the client could easily access a real-time synopsis of the number of products present, orders received, different buyers, and messages received by various sellers. Furthermore, the advanced Shopify Multivendor Services also flourished the dashboard with an overview sustaining in the form of a bar graph, they also made the use of High Charts to execute dynamic chart functionality in the following. On top of these default features and functionalities, the seller is also provided with default options to create new products, buyers, purchase instructions, review order history, and respond to buyer texts.

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 Add CC Beneficiaries- One of the extensive features provided by any Shopify Multivendor Company is attaching CC recipients to order mails. You can now easily enable the sellers to add multiple CC recipients to the emails dispatched to the clients once an order is finalized. For this, you need to follow the process of visiting the admin panel, then choose the Configuration option, then click on Order Configuration, and at last select-Enable the tab. Through this, the seller can add up to multiple CC recipients to the order placed email.

Comprehensible Admin Interface- Advanced Shopify Multivendor Services have also made it feasible for admins to access their admin interfaces via the default Shopify Multivendor admin dashboard. For the execution, you need to use the serviceability of the embedded app. The team can also use Shopify APIs to sync the products, received or Shopify Multivendor Companies, and client data competently with the default Shopify database. Moreover, for managing and maintaining seller narratives, or the products put forward by the sellers, the Store admins can directly launch the Shopify multi-vendor app within the respective Shopify dashboard and manage all the accessible data.

Fraud Inspection- A transaction that is not sanctioned by the client is referred to as fraudulent and deceitful. A fraudulent transaction can result in a charge-back, which leads to money loss. Shopify’s incorporated fraud analysis measures use machine learning algorithms to help bring doubtful orders to your keen attention. You can effectively investigate a suspicious order in various ways. Inspecting any order that you think might be fraudulent has become way handier. To examine this, you are required to visit the Multi-vendor backend, then go to the Orders option, your order detail page will open, hence, you can view the analysis.

Supervise Tip on Orders- Online tipping provides your clients an option to add a tip concerning their order on the transaction page when they check out. You can alter the stickers and descriptions to customize the overall virtual tipping experience to set off your objectives, such as holding up your business financially or thinking to gather donations for a charity. The modified Shopify Multivendor Services has now comprehended an option for clients to add a tip at checkout. Now, you can easily manage the tip receiving in the app.

Custom Field for Products- Previously there was a custom field option available only for the seller sign-up page, yet, the technical modifications led to the introduction of a custom field option for the product narration page on the front end as well. The admin just needs to select the field whether it is for seller or product while generating a custom field and the rest of the whole process will remain the same.

Keen Check on Mail Record- You can now effortlessly check the mail record info in the app. To do so, you need to visit the Multivendor admin panel, then select the Mail Configuration option, and finally Mail Log. Getting forward, choose the following date range to get the complete mail log information in the app. To be noted, all the log info gets expired & automatically gets eliminated from the app after a month. Hence, you can view any log information for up to 30 days as it will get deleted instinctively. Also, in case you are using any other email service provider, you need to contact them to get the information regarding delivered emails.

Accord Catalogue & Image- By opting for Shopify Multivendor Services, merchants, as well as sellers, can manually sync the Shopify products inventory and images with that of the exposition from the Edit product segment of their respective panels. Also, remember, when syncing the product inventory and images, the products should be in a compliant state in the app.

Final Words:

The multi-vendor Shopify app features and functionalities created by Shopify Multivendor Company helps the client in synchronizing and managing their business on different levels. The developers are skilled and confident enough in their ability to acknowledge the client’s business needs and requirements. For further details, visit our site Hire Shopify Experts, from the past few years, we’ve acted in accordance with an alike approach for successfully providing customers with different services.