Types Of Packaging Boxes Produced By Packaging Box Manufacturer In India

The packaging of the product holds a special place for not just the manufacturer but also the consumer. A lot can be said about the quality of the product depending on the way it is packaged. Many big companies invest equally in the product and the packaging as the latter forms an integral part of the marketing campaign. Since the packaging industry has also evolved with changing times, it is important to know about the different types of packaging boxes that are available currently. The Packaging box manufacturer in India provide you with an insight into the various options:

  1. Paperboard packaging: They are generally made from wood pulp or recycled paper and as a result are lightweight, yet strong. They can be easily cut and therefore can be used to make boxes of varying shapes and sizes. Such packaging boxes are ideally used in personalized packaging to provide high-end looks without the cost. Since they can be affected by moisture, they are not ideal for storing food-products or for frozen goods.
  2. Plastic boxes: Plastic has made inroads into every sector including the packaging industry. They have effectively replaced wood, glass, ceramic, and several other materials to create a wide range of products including boxes. The advantages of plastic packaging boxes are that they can be easily recycled, are more stable than paperboard boxes, flexible, lightweight, can withstand extreme conditions, offer airtight packaging to protect food quality while removing any contamination issues. These boxes are ideal to display the contents while being cost-effective too.
  3. Chipboard packaging: This type of packaging material is primarily used in medical, electronic, food, beverage, and cosmetic industry. It is made from reclaimed paper stock and can be easily cut, folded, and formed into the desired shape. It is a budget-friendly packaging alternative for several products. The density and strength of the packaging vary, but it cannot be used for storing and packaging heavy items. Moreover, since it is made from lightweight material that can absorb moisture, it cannot be used in an environment with high moisture content.
  4. Foil-sealed bags: These are generally used for packaging of tea, coffee, cheese, cured meats, etc. as it not only protects the flavor but also prevents contamination due to bacteria and fungi, thereby increasing shelf life.

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