Message: “No new transactions” when importing a web connect file in QuickBooks

This article will assist you with settling the Message: “No new transactions” error message. This message happens when you attempt to import a Web Connect (.qbo) from your bank’s webpage. 

Reasons for This Issue 
  • You can get this message because of the accompanying reasons:
  • They’re not new transactions accessible in the Web Connect file. 
  • The transaction you are attempting to import was at that point imported. 
  • Your Web Connect (.QBO) proclamation covers dates recently brought into the company file. 
  • Harmed or adulterated QuickBooks company file. 
How To Resolve The Issue? 

Steps to determine the “No new transactions” issue are as given beneath: 

Arrangement 1: Check the dates 

You need to ensure that the date range for the web associate file you imported is right and furthermore ensure that it doesn’t cover. For instance, in the event that you have downloaded and imported transactions for August 1-30 effectively, ensure that the date range for the download is of first September or later. 

Arrangement 2: Switch to the Register mode 
  • From the primary menu of QuickBooks, go to Edit > Preferences. 
  • Select Checking from the left sheet and afterward go to the Company Preferences 
  • From the Bank Feeds segment, select Classic Mode (Register Mode). 
  • Click on OK. 
Arrangement 3: Try downloading in a test company file 
  • Go to the File menu of QuickBooks and afterward select New Company. 
  • Select Express Start. 
  • On the test company, you just made, add to the Chart of Accounts in the bank account you are having issues. 
  • Set up the account for Bank Feeds. 
  • Download Bank Feed transactions to test the account. 

On the off chance that new transactions download into this new file: The issue is likely with the bank account or the company file. You need to go to Solution 4, or you can likewise attempt to determine data harm on your QuickBooks company file. 

In the event that new transactions don’t appear in the new file: The issue is with the Web Connect file and for this, you need to go to Solution 5. 

Arrangement 4: Deactivate, make new, blend at that point reactivate 
  • Deactivate Bank Feeds for an account 
  • Make another bank account in QuickBooks. 
  • From the primary menu, go to Lists > Chart of Accounts. 
  • Right-click anyplace in the Chart of Accounts window and click on New starting from the drop alternatives. 
  • For Account Type, click on Bank. 
  • Give the name of the bank in the Account Name field. 
  • Select Save and Close. 
  • Rename the old account with the name of the new account to consolidate two accounts. 
  • Right-click the old account and click on Edit starting from the drop. 
  • Type the name of the new account in the Account Name field. 
  • Click on Yes to the Merge notice discourse box. 
  • Set up the consolidated account for Bank Feeds. 
Arrangement 5: Review the web associate (.qbo) download for clear errors 
  • Download and save the .qbo file to your Desktop. 
  • Adjust the.QBO file by right-clicking on the file and select Open with > Notepad (or Excel). 
  • Check the download for basic errors and eliminate all the invalid characters. Check if there are any ampersands (and) and other invalid character strings. 
  • Add or Edit missing data. All Tags ought to have data. 
  • The leftover payee data will show up in the MEMO field if there are in excess of 32 characters in the payee NAME field. QuickBooks doesn’t auto-coordinate payee subtleties that are appearing in the MEMO field. You need to coordinate these transactions manually. 
  • The transaction will not be imported if the .qbo file is feeling the loss of the bank identification data. 
  • Quest for your bank’s official name by squeezing CTRL + F keys. Note down the 5 digit number in the left-hand segment for entry. 
  • Save the.QBO file. 
  • Make a backup of your data file before begin bringing in. 
  • Test bringing in the adjusted.QBO file into the test file made in Solution 3. 
  • On the off chance that you get arranging errors, report them to your bank for a goal for future download. 

On the off chance that the arrangements above neglect to determine the issue: 

  • Contact your bank. 
  • The monetary establishment is at risk for the.QBO download arrangement and substance. In the event that the configuration of .QBO file isn’t appropriate, there can be different startling errors and results from Intuit. 
  • Banks have a support channel: All the US and Canadian banks that support download or import in QuickBooks contain a Merchant Service Agreement with Intuit through 
  • You can request a bank agent who knows about QuickBooks Online Banking and account initiation to get appropriate help. 
  • You need to give the specific error message to your bank alongside a duplicate of the issue download file for the survey. 

On the off chance that you actually dealing with issues while Sending, Receiving, Downloading, or Importing Webconnect files and didn’t get a nice arrangement from your bank, gather internet banking log files and contact our specialized support division