Role Of Wikipedia in Today’s Business World

In the long run, even a business has a lot more to live up to than just quality products priced reasonably. There now comes the aspect of whether a brand is working responsibly towards the earth’s environment or not; do they have fair practices installed for their employees, do they adhere to cruelty-free practices towards their course of action? When it comes to an individual, the scrutiny gets all the more magnified.

The audience today is keen to know the very crevices of what they see, hear, read, and consume. This is where the need for a Wikipedia page arises. Don’t take this to be an extension of your website. A  Wikipedia page accomplishes a lot more than that. It is the ultimate space where you can build your profile, enlisting everything on there that seemed irrelevant to be featured on a website. The dilemma: How to make a Wikipedia page of yourself?” When there’s a will, there’s away. Let us begin.

Sign up


The page is free, to begin with, and just about anyone can create an account there. Let us assume here that you are creating your page so as to shed light upon what you do in life. The category you select here should synchronize with what your page is going to be about.


Research and create


The content you are uploading should represent a true and fair view of you in an unbiased and professional tone. Wikipedia has certain guidelines to adhere to so representing an opinion than just information will not pass for approval. The reference links will need to be retained and if you don’t have many, you can keep it to the minimum. Once you have your content written, you can submit it to be reviewed. If it all works in compliance with the Wikipedia policies, you will nail your spot at Wikipedia in no time.