Self-Care Hacks Inspired by CC Clarke

CC Clarke is a social media sensation aimed to educate and inspire many lives. Her belief is to make your hobby your career and work on inspiring the people. Needless to say she is really good at what she does and many people are fan of her life journey from a basic blogger to running her own beauty line, selling amazing albums and basically being a Girl Boss.

The social media sensation speaks directly to her fans through her words and in many of her blogs she tells about life and ways to conquer and become your best self. While you might be hooked to CC Clarke makeup and her collection of beauty and style, the social media inspiration does not only sell beauty products (which you can shop with CC Clarke coupons btw!), but her real life advice and inspirations are a great catch. Here are some of the self-care hacks inspired by CC Clarke:

CC Clarke and Her Daily Routine

It’s not easy to manage an empire as large as CC Clarke has built for herself in her life. And with that amount of work and pressure she ensures to look fresh and glowing every single day. What’s in her closet? Well that’s a million dollar question but thanks to lucky stars she has answered it herself and we caught the opportunity

Cleanse your Face

After a workout session, when your face is clogged with sweat you may find it glow but the sweat can stay and cause you to get black heads. It is important to have a deep cleansing facial after the workout session. This not only helps in removing the sweat from clogging the pores but also removes any dirt and dust particles that may have gotten on your face during the workout.

Remove your Makeup

This hack goes without saying but considering how people take it casually, the importance is just too much. You should never sleep with your makeup on. Sure you don’t have the makeup cleaning wipes but anything as simple as coconut oil can be your makeup cleanser. Once you remove your makeup with the coconut oil don’t forget to wash your face.

Steam Your Face

Steaming open the pores and allows your skin to breathe. All the expensive salon and parlors use steaming as a mandatory part of their skincare procedure. The best thing is you do not need to purchase a steamer at home. Just take a large bowl and fill it with hot water. Cover your head with a towel and let your face soak the steam. Once your pores are open cleanse them with a mild cleanser. Your skin will feel softer and fresh.

Face Mask

You don’t need tons of money to buy expensive face masks but can make easy ones at home. All you need is few basic ingredients and the best thing? They are mostly available at home. Just search for easy DIY face masks at home and google will grant you hundreds of trustworthy results. And don’t forget to let your face mask sit on your face for a while before it dries and is easy to wash off.