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If you are looking for information about the cost of an SEO Analysis, it is because you understand the importance of this step before starting any web positioning campaign or project. The simplest audits can take between 10 and 15 hours, while the most complicated ones take between 35 and 50. The products to be delivered, at the end of an SEO Analysis, are Website tracking Search traffic.

Keyword analysis;

Keyword analysis. Site packaging. Loading speed. Study of the competition. Recommendations and plan to follow. As I wrote in the previous article, an SEO Analysis is done because before prescribing the treatment to any patient, we must first make a diagnosis. What is the price of this evaluation? It will vary depending on the procedures or tests that the patient should have: The size of the site, the technology with which the web is made, the current status of the client, and the competitiveness of the industry are some of the variables that influence the cost of an SEO audit. High-quality do-follow backlinks

On-page Seo;

It will not be the same to dissect a 50-page corporate website in WordPress than to study an HTML site with e-commerce that is responsible for the entire financial health of a company. In this article, we will explain how the aforementioned variables affect the cost of an SEO Analysis and we will make some recommendations when hiring a provider for a job of this nature. Before you start, don’t forget that all these factors are subject to an SEO hourly rate, which fluctuates depending on the geographic location and the years of experience of the agency or freelancer making the quote. Table of contents [hide] 1 Variable that influences the price of an SEO analysis 1.1 Size of the website to be analyzed 1.2 Current status of the client’s website 1.2.1 Scenario one: The client does not have a website 1.2.2 Scenario two: The customer has just launched their website 1.2.3 Scenario three: The customer has had a website for more than 10 years 1.3 Industry competitiveness 1.4 Website technology 2 Recommendations Variables that influence the price of an SEO analysis Size of the website to analyze This point may seem the most obvious, but we must make it clear. The more pages your website has the more hours of work the provider will have and, therefore, the more expensive the SEO analysis will be. Now, since we’re sure this isn’t the only article you’ve read about the cost of an audit, you’re probably wondering: “Does the SEO agency have to analyze these pages one by one? Aren’t their tools that allow you to study all the sections of a website at the same time? Well yes, they do exist. This is precisely how we conduct audits (thanks to tools such as Screaming Frog or Google Search Console).

Seo Analysis;

However, the job of SEO Analysis is not based on running a website through a scanner and delivering the raw results to the client. The data obtained must be broken down and contextualized, to then make recommendations and explanations such as Steps to follow in the next phases of the project (SEO On-Page and Content Marketing). Ways to improve the pages that have more problems or errors. Indications to optimize the visibility in Google of the articles of the company. Description of how they are getting to the company through search engines. Tips to improve the loading speed of the website. In the end, it is not a whim of the agency to take more hours of work. With more pages to analyze, there will be more information to study and more suggestions to make. Current status of the client’s website In this variable there is various scenarios. Some of them could be: 1) The client does not have a website. 2) The customer has just launched his website. 3) The client has had a website for more than 10 years and has made restructurings and changes throughout that time. The SEO Analysis contemplates the same procedures for the three scenarios, but, depending on the case, some steps will take more hours of work than others.