Best Brake Pads Brands In 2021

One important factor to ensure that your vehicle is performing well is to make sure that all the components are genuine and branded. By branded we mean brands which are trusted and are of quality. This is particularly important after the replacement and repair works and to maintain the safety as well as the value of the vehicle for resale purpose. In this blog we all talk about the best brake pads available in Dubai and the best brake brands in general.  

It is not unknown to anyone that in a vehicle’s lifetime you will need to replace certain components such as batteries, tires, brake pads etc., and it is recommended that you buy the parts which fits your vehicle. And if you ask why the brand matters is because the quality of each and every component dictates its functioning which consequently impacts the performance of the vehicle over all. But it is also important to understand that only picking up a good brand is not the end of it, the maintenance follows right after and if you want to maintain the durability you have to keep them in good shape.  

Coming to the focal point of these blog, before getting to know what are the best brake pads in 2020 lets us understand  

What are brake pads? 

Brake pads are found in the disc brakes and are composed of steel blacking platesAnd there are two brake pads in each disc rotor. They are responsible in converting kinetic energy into thermal energy with friction. When the brakes are applied a pressure is exerted on the pads by the caliper resulting the pads to squeeze onto the rotors. This results the car to slowdown.  

When should you get a brake pad replacement? 

Brakes are vital parts of a vehicle and hence should be well maintained. The brake pads and rotors of the car eventually wear out just like any other components, but this depends on a number of conditions like driving habits, environment where the vehicle is used, the material of the brake pads, thickness of the brake pads and also the brand quality. Generally, you will need a brake pad replacement after 50,000 miles, the standard range is in between 25000 to 70000 miles. But all of these again differs on the conditions mentioned above.  

Now the question is how do you know that there is requirement of brake pad replacement 

The answer is simple, get your brakes pads inspected regularly, if you think you have crossed the mark. Also, the brake pads come with small metal hair like features at the bottom. The task of these metal hair is to indicate the driver that the pads are wearing out. In that case the drivers can hear a squealing noise and this implies a brake pad replacement is required immediately. Another possible sign can be jittery braking, in this case there might not be a need of complete replacement 

Best brake pads 2020  

  • Power Stop Z23-1650 Z23 Evolution Sport  

The Power Stop brake pads are one of the best brake brands of 2020 and are in the list because they do not require any specialized treatment. Also, they and can be installed right away for use. The durability of these brake pads is enhanced by the overall construction which prevents the pads from getting rusted and corroded. Another great thing about them is that they are already chamfered and slotted.   

  • Bosch BC905 QuietCast Brake Pad Set 

When it comes to automotive parts Bosch is counted as one of most trusted and premium brands. Along with manufacturing car batteries they are also quite popular amongst the car workshops as well as amongst the car owners for their car brake parts. So, if you are in need of a car brake pad replacement and the mechanic asks you which brake brand would you like to prefer you know the name. However, do check if the features of this brake pad compliment your car need in every way. The Bosch brand is ideal for many due to its low dust formula. It comes under a budget friendly price and is durable due to its advanced aerospace alloy.  

  • Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1083 Ceramic Disc Pad Set  

Next in our list of the best brake brands 2020 we have the Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1083 ceramic disc pad set, with its unique feature of delivering quiet operations due to the presence of a rubber core shim. This makes the brake pads to last long and make thirty percent less noise than other brake pads available. It also reduces the possibility of vibrations and has a very effective stopping power, which keeps the rotors damage free. It also guarantees clean wheels as it doesn’t allow dust accumulation.  

  • Akebono ACT1118 ProACT Brake Pad Set 

Under the count of reputable brake brands Akebono is an impressive name with its improved and redefined designs which has made it efficient than before and is certainly a good option for brake pad replacements. It claims to have superior stopping power and longer life span. It is a suitable replacement option for semi metallic brake pads and also comes with a design which is universal to fit perfectly in most vehicles.  

  • ACDelco 14D699MH Front Disc Brake Pad Set 

Another name in the list of semi metallic brake brands is the AC Delo. The brake brand comes with high value in an affordable price range which is why it is favored by many Its design is particularly ideal for the front but can also be used efficiently for the rear. Due to its simple designs these brake pads can be installed easily in most vehicles.  

We will not call it a comprehensive list of best brake brands for the year 2020, but surely these are in the popular list as per the customer remark. The online space is flooded with the information on the best brake pads which is extremely easy to extract. But what is important here is to understand which brake pads are suitable for your car, the temperature you are driving etc. Thus, if you looking for brake pad in Dubai you better take a consultation from the customer service provider in order to make an informed and correct decision.  

Also approach the experts for your brake pad replacement and don’t try to meddle with it as no DIY recommendations can work in this field. The brake pad replacement cost in Dubai can be somewhere around 180 AED to 250 AED depending on the front or the rear wheels.  

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