Some tips for saving money in life

Some tips for saving money in life

Nowadays, the price of goods in society is soaring. If you want to live a more exciting life with very little money, you need a little skill.


To redeem mobile phone points, every telecommunications company will have a plan to exchange points for prizes, which will be cleared at the end of the year. Your one-year consumption will give you a certain amount of points. You can use these points to exchange for some small gifts. If you don’t want small gifts, you can also redeem your phone bills. For example, mobile users can inquire online, WeChat, and telephone.

Stay at the University Guest House during travel time. Often when we travel, the place that spends the most money is not the travel and entrance fees, but the accommodation fees. Nowadays, hotel prices are getting higher and higher. Then you might as well find a university guest house to live in. Generally, university guest houses are open to everyone, and generally only cost a few dozen yuan.

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Travel in the off-season. Every year from January to March and September to December are the off-season for tourism. Choosing the off-season to go out is not only cheaper, but also the fare of hotel scenic spots will be cheaper and there are not so many people.

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Choose to buy things in the supermarket after nine o’clock in the evening. Normal supermarkets will give discounts after nine o’clock. Sometimes we go to the supermarket to buy things in the morning, and we buy them in the refrigerator. Why not put them in the supermarket? How about buying it back at a lower price?

Choose to buy clothes during the cross-season change. Generally, there will be some unexpected discounts on clothes from summer to autumn and winter to spring. Buy summer clothes from summer to autumn, and winter clothes from winter to spring. Generally, there will be a very low discount when the season changes.

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Go to a movie on Tuesday, half price for the movie ticket. In June 2005, China Film Distribution Association, China Urban Cinema Development Association, and China Film Producers Association jointly announced the “National Cinema Half Price Day”. Get Wayfair discount cod and Wayfair NHS discount code