The #1 techniques to revolutionize your packaging

 These days, the competition in almost every industry is high and challenging. Thus, every business is trying its best to take steps to help it get to the top. However, one of the most important parts of this procedure is the packaging of the products. The way you pack and present a product says a lot about your brand and the product itself. Hence, it is necessary to use boxes that accurately represent your products.

Furthermore, enhancing ad maintaining the appeal of the packaging is also vital to boost sales. If you want to take your boxes to the next level, read this until the end. These techniques will help you create custom pillow boxes that customers cannot resist.

Material matters more than you think


Pillow boxes have versatile uses and can be used for several products. These items may include jewelry, chocolates, soaps, gifts, and many other things. However, no matter what the product is, it is vital to keep it safe and damage-free. Thus, it is essential to use sturdy materials for the boxes. Such materials will help you create firm boxes that do not break easily and keep the boxes secure.

There are several materials you can choose from in the packaging industry. For example, cardstock is one of the top choices of manufacturers when it comes to packaging. The reason for its popularity is that it can be used to create sturdy pillow packaging boxes without compromising your budget.

In addition to this, corrugated material is also a suitable choice as well. Corrugated material is resilient and can keep the products safe during shipping and deliveries. Additionally, this material is more appropriate for fragile products.

Make eco-friendly decisions

The current depreciating state of the environment has left people all over the world worried about the future. Thus, people have now started to prefer and use eco-friendly substitutes for almost everything. Furthermore, people also refrain from making purchases that may impose a harmful effect on the environment. Hence, to facilitate you, packaging companies offer eco-friendly alternatives for boxes as well.

To create green and sustainable boxes, you can opt for kraft material. This unique material is not only environment-friendly but recyclable and biodegradable as well. Furthermore, it is excellent for keeping the earth green and healthy without compromising the boxes’ quality. Using eco-friendly pillow retail boxes will also help you fulfill customers’ requirements and boost your sales.

Enhance the boxes’ appeal


The packaging is necessary for products so that they stay safe and out of harm’s way. However, it is difficult to attract customers if the boxes are simple and boring. Therefore, it is crucial to design boxes that are easily distinguishable and prominent while on display to keep up with the tough competition. This can help catch people’s attention and increase sales.

So,  the first step you can take to make the boxes attractive is to choose a suitable color scheme. It is essential to use a color combination that is unique and different from the rest of the products. a beautiful color scheme can play a major role in attracting more customers to your products. Furthermore, it is also necessary to choose a suitable color model as well. The two models you can choose from are CMYK and PMS.

Add-ons are another great way to take the design up a notch. They can be used to enhance all the basic details, such as printing, included in the design. Another great thing about add-ons is that they are affordable to take your boxes from blah to fantastic. There are different add-ons you can use for pillow gift boxes, such as:



Foil stamping.

PVC windows.


Personalize the printing options to get desired results

Packaging companies also provide the facility of customizable printing so you can design the perfect boxes. The entire choice, from the font style to the printing techniques, is up to you. Furthermore, packaging companies offer three printing techniques for custom printed pillow boxes. These techniques are:

Digital printing: This technique is one of the most inexpensive options available. However, it is not suitable for long-term use as it starts to fade away after some time. Hence it is mostly used for prototypes or short time purposes.

Flexography printing: This printing technique is an affordable yet suitable option. It gives quality results without being heavy in your pocket. However, its price increases with an increase in colors as well.

Lithographic printing: This technique is used to give the printed material a soft and glossy touch. Furthermore, it works best with the color model CMYK.

Select an appropriate coating


Selecting the right coating is also essential to design fabulous pillow boxes wholesale. So, you can choose any suitable coating that you deem best for the boxes. For instance, a gloss coating is perfect if you want polished and shiny boxes. Furthermore, gloss coating’s extra layers make the boxes sturdier as well. On the other hand, you can use a matte coating if a glossy look does not match your requirements. You can also make the boxes extra special by using spot UV. This coating is excellent for giving the boxes a matte and gloss coating simultaneously.

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