The best way to brand yourself in a way

What’s the best way to brand yourself in a way, it is free AND lets you reach a global audience? Well, it might come across hard to put your finger on at first but let us just hint at the ultimate wizard that replaced google long back. Wizard does begin with the same alphabet. You guessed it right! It’s Wikipedia; the god of all encyclopedias that lets you in on in-depth information on just about anything and anyone in the world. The site is free and is the go-to for public figures, organizations, and even subjects related to science, politics, health, fashion, and more! They weren’t kidding when they deemed it to be an encyclopedia.

Nothing can challenge the fact that it is the only source of information that most of us log on to when we want to avail of some basic information about a subject at hand OR if we want the entire in-depth shebang. What lets this site rather stand apart from any media outlet like TMZ and its likes is that Wikipedia does give an unbiased account of authentic information that is backed with references. The “how to create a Wikipedia page” question is only a formality once you get on their site. The following are just a few simple steps to get started with your content if Wikipedia is on your agenda.

Go through the Wikipedia guidelines

Wikipedia is a free source of information and there are no rules for Wikipedia profile creation service rating an account and uploading content. However, there are certain guidelines to be followed, for eg.; the account should not publish false information, the content should be written with a certain degree of professionalism and should always be unbiased.


Signing up

The process is merely simple and it does not even need much of explaining. Just log on to the website and press the Create Account on the top right corner of the page. You will be directed to the signing up page. Add your credentials there and voila! You are now an official contributor to Wikipedia. Signing up enables you to edit pages that are already there, which is a lot helpful for beginners. Instead of creating a page first, it is better to practice editing accounts that are already uploaded.

Research verified data

This part is where things get serious. With the ease of the internet, accessing information has indeed become a lot easier. Nonetheless, it comes with a price to pay. Information uploaded on just about any website is 9/10 times false. This is why you need to optimize your search engines sparingly at verified resources. Try looking up published articles and if it is all a bit too out of hand for you, you should resolve to hire a content writer.

With Wikipedia, a content writer is perhaps the best way to nail the deal. A professional will know how to bend it. The verified data and the academic writing style are better left upon the professionals to tackle so hiring a ghostwriter is not just advised but crucial, in case you want the real deal.

Submit for review

With the page created and the content well put together, all that is now left for you to do is press the submit button. Once you have it submitted, it will get reviewed and if everything goes according to the guidelines, your page will be published shortly.

Wikipedia is the go-to for just about any public figure, entity, or even a social event. It is the best way to bring authentication to your brand and it costs nothing