The Curse Of Knowledge In Digital Marketing

In our day-to-day communications we anticipate (or at least hope) that others will understand and behave as we do. However as they don’t have the same information or viewpoints awe cannot expect them to come up with the same conclusions as us – this same rule also applies to digital marketing agency in Pakistan.


All of us have certain information and interpretations on subjects and we believe others will understand things as we do, however this is not possible, and they might have a different opinion to us.

We tend to communicate only half of the information we possess and presume that others already know the rest.


When we try to replicate the tune of our favorite songs through finger tapping and clapping, others are rarely able to guess the song correctly. The same rule applies if we try to communicate our skill-set to a person who doesn’t have the same that skill-set, or when we try to have a conversation on a topic others don’t know about or have an interest in, They aren’t on the same page or on same frequency to decode the information, which can result in blank looks.

How this curse affects interactions with customers.

Whether you are communicating with your target audience through a blog post, verbal or visual content or making in-person interactions, this rule applies to all stages of your sales funnel.

If you work in an agency, it is more than likely that in the initial stages you have very little knowledge of your clients’ target audiences. So, if you are producing content for them, you may well be the ideal person for the job as you have no previous knowledge. All your views are impartial and your mind is a blank canvas. Understanding your target audience’s existing skill- set and information helps you to craft relevant messages that provide your desired results.

Don’t Underestimate Keywords

Using relevant and targeted keywords helps you to establish rapport with your target audience. Keywords are basically their language, which helps them to decode your messages more precisely and accurately. Creating intent to act or establishing a connection with your target audience is far easier if you talk like they do, as it builds trust and provides better results.


If you are into email marketing and use too much jargon in your content, your audience will have to look up the words every time to understand what it is that you are actually trying to communicate. This will lead to frustration that will eventually put them off your content. By understanding and considering these dimensions for your next email marketing campaign, you will obtain better results.

How it impacts ON communications with potential customers

When we try to communicate with too much technical jargon, potential customers are not interested. They are interested in results that will help to create positive changes for their brand.

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