The ultimate guide to creating phenomenal display boxes that customers can’t resist

Exhibiting and displaying products in the best possible way is a top priority for every business. This is because an appealing display is essential to grab customers’ attention. Furthermore, when customers walk into a retail store, they face a wide range of options. Hence, they mostly go for a product that catches their eye first. And those can be your products as well. The only thing you have to do is showcase your products, invitingly and attractively.

So, if you are searching for ways to help you create mesmerizing counter display boxes, read this till the end.

Make sure to use the right material

The most visible place in a retails store is the cash counter. Hence, various businesses choose to place their display boxes for increased visibility. However, the boxes may go through harmful situations while on display. So, it is vital to use sturdy materials for the boxes. Such materials will help maintain the boxes’ shape and prevent wear and tear as well. Furthermore, you can choose from several different materials for this purpose.

For example, corrugated material is a good choice for these boxes. Hence, corrugated counter display boxes are an excellent choice for displaying your products safely. In addition to this, cardstock can also be used for display boxes. This material can be used to create durable boxes at economical prices.

Furthermore, packaging companies also offer kraft material if you prefer eco-friendly alternatives. This material is safe for the environment as it is biodegradable and recyclable. So, it is the perfect choice for displaying your products without any harmful effects on the environment.

Catch the customers’ attention with colors

Various businesses choose to display their products at cash counters. Thus, it is necessary to make your boxes stand out among the rest. There are multiple ways to grab people’s attention. However, one of the best ways to do so is to use an appropriate color scheme. A striking and vibrant color combination can have a significant impact on the visibility of the boxes. Furthermore, you can also go for a color scheme representing your brand and its products.

You can also personalize the color model for the cardboard counter display boxes. This can help you give your desired look to the boxes. The color models you can choose from are:

• CMYK: It uses four colors, cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, to create other colors included in the design. Furthermore, this model is a budget-friendly solution.

• PMS: The Pantone Matching System uses a different color code for every color included in the color scheme. However, PMS is more expensive than CMYK.

Entice customers to try your out products

Before customers decide to buy a product, they first read the box to know if it is worth their money. So, this is your best chance to convince customers that buying your products is the best decision they’ll make. You can do this by printing enticing and impressive information about the products. Furthermore, you can also include other important details, especially if the products are new in the market. It is also crucial to print the logo and brand name so customers remember it for future use. These two details can also help your custom printed counter display boxes stand out from the rest.

Furthermore, you can increase the boxes’ appeal with beautiful font styles and colors. You can also pick a printing method you deem best for the boxes. Packaging companies offer the following three techniques for counter display box in wholesale:

• Flexography printing.

• Lithographic printing.

• Digital printing.

Enhance the boxes with extra additions

If you are looking for more ways to take your boxes to the next level, using add-ons is a great idea. You can use add-ons to give an elegant and sophisticated touch to the boxes. Furthermore, you can emphasize vital details with the help of add-ons as well. There are various add-ons you can use for counter display boxes and pillow boxes. For example, you can make the logo look marvelous with embossing.

Furthermore, you can use debossing for the brand name or its tagline as well. You can also use foil stamping according to your requirements.

In addition to this, you can also use customized coatings to enhance the boxes’ overall appearance. Here are the coatings you can choose from:

• Gloss coating: This coating is an excellent choice if you want to create polished and shiny boxes.

• Matte coating: This option is suitable for you if you do not prefer a gloss coating.

• Spot UV: This coating can be used to give a gloss and matte coating to the boxes simultaneously.

Keep the display neat and organized

A messy and untidy display will do little for attracting more customers and increasing sales. Hence, you can use inserts for the counter display packaging boxes. Inserts will keep each product in its place. Thus, the products won’t fall on each other, and the display will look organized and appealing. You can use the following inserts for the boxes:

• Cardboard.

• Paper.

• Blister.

• Punch inserts.

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