Tractor Rotavator: Types and Uses

The Tractor Rotavator is tractor-driven agricultural equipment that is used in farms to break and mix the soil planting seeds. A Rotavator aids in removing the past crop residues from the field and preparing the soil for the next crop.

Types of Rotavators 

Rotavators are generally divided into three types: light, standard, and heavy-duty based on the weight, design, and material used to manufacture the Rotavator. 

  • Light duty Rotavator

The light-duty Rotavators are used in preparing the soil of small gardens, garden boundaries, small vegetable gardens or allotments.·

  • Medium duty Rotavator

Medium duty Rotavator are used in allotments, nurseries, greenhouses, vineyards and gardens to loosen the soil, weed control and encourage water absorption around plants. It can loosen and aerate the soil up to 6 inches deep and can work closely with crops and plants without damaging them.

  • Heavy-duty Rotavator

Heavy-duty Rotavators are used to work in large areas cultivating farms. It can loosen and aerate the soil up to seven inches deep and ensure leveled and finished seedbed with high performance in all working conditions. 

Different models of the Rotavators perform different functions. Types of Rotavators based on the functions they perform. 

  1. Rotavators for chopping and mixing
  2. Rotavators for tilling and planting operations
  3. Rotavators for incorporation of fertilizers and other chemicals 
  4. Rotavators for crop cultivation
  5. Rotavators for weed control

With the advancement in the manufacturing process, single Rotavators are now also being manufactured to perform different functions at the same time. 

Uses of Tractor Rotavator

  • Rotavator is used to prepare the seedbed with one or two passes. It performs different soil functions like mixing, pulverization, and leveling at the same time.
  • Pulverization is the process of separating and breaking large soil particles into pieces that are smaller than the original size.
  • Leveling is a process of preparing the farmland so that there are no high or low soil spots to disturb the uniform distribution of water on the field. It is mainly used in surface irrigation such as basin and furrow irrigation. It removes and mixes the residual of maize, wheat, and sugarcane, etc thus revamping the soil health along with saving time, fuel, cost, and energy.  
  • Rotavator breaks up the hardpan layers of soil and levels them for sowing. It can work on different soil types without any wear and tear.
  • It loosens up the soil and aerates it up to 7 inches deep. 
  • Increase the quality of work, minimize fuel consumption and reduce the cost of a farm operation.
  • Used in primary and secondary tillage
  • Rotator mixes the soil and adds the maximum amount of nutrients to the soil which in turn increase the crop yield and profits
  • It boosts the soil porosity and aeration and can be used in any type of soil.
  • Forms are an integral part of farming and are used for multifarious purposes such as shallow cultivation and weed control.
  • Reduce the land preparation time and effort by 30-35%
  • They make the whole process of preparing the soil manageable and smooth. 
  • Rotavator is an easy to use power operated implement that helps in retaining the soil moisture and reducing the labor

Hence the Rotavator is an essential commodity in today’s time.