Types of Car Service – What Do They Include?

Car services and their maintenance would be beneficial in improving the drivability, horsepower, and other internal vital car parts. After the vehicle has travelled a certain number of miles, at a set time interval (at least every year), then its maintenance check-up is known as car servicing.

During the car servicing, an individual could examine various internal and external components of their car, including checking tyres, lights, brakes, oil exchange and air conditioning recharge. A car air conditioning recharge is helpful, especially for long drives, hot weather, suffocating climate and other situations. You would reap its fruit after you have successfully recharged your car’s air conditioning in times of need.

Significance of Car Service

A car service is of great importance. A vehicle mostly undergoes friction, bumps, wear and tear, or other pressures, which makes it crucial the requirement of a car mechanic for car services. Many fluids in a car are required to be replaced or topped from engine oil to a coolant. Other car components need to be replaced with new ones for the road safety of a car.

Resale value is somehow maximised after the servicing of a car. An individual would be eligible for a better price while selling it if their car is in good condition with a solid service history. Subsequently, it maximises the valuation figure to estimate the pre-accident value an insurance company also peaks at a car maintenance history.

After going through a car servicing, a car contains an improved braking, smoother engine, is more reliable and consists of a high resale value.

Types of Cars Service

There are three main types of car services.

1. Interim Car Service

An interim car service includes examining all the significant parts and components of a car, such as changing the oil filter and engine oil, with a solid 25 points checklist, and due every six months or 6,000 miles. Coolant, windscreen additive, AdBlue, power-steering fluid and fluids like brake oil are the main car fluids that get top-up.

Warning lights of different instruments, windscreen wipers, washers, horns, and external lights etc., are usually checked in the interim car services. Timing belt replacement, antifreeze strength check and check-ups for oil leaks are all part of the care services in it.

The interim service includes checking the brake pads for wear and tear because the brake pads are the most crucial factor for the safety of the car and passengers. Other key components like steering, exhaust, drive system, and suspension system are checked, while the tyres pressure, condition, and depth are checked and adjusted.

2. Full Car Service

Full Car Service

The full car services every 24 months or 24,000 miles consist of the 50 points checklist, which is recommended. Ensuring everything is functioning as efficiently as possible, full car services are the most extensive service which inspects every part and corner of the car.

In case an individual had a full car service many years ago, then he/she might consider going for it now. Replacing your brake fluid, sometimes entire cabin filter replacement mechanics would replace most fluids and filters, carry out comprehensive safety checks. Mostly, full car services are performed by a professional or skilled car mechanic rather than a little and incompetent mechanic. Make sure to go for an expert car mechanic to get the best work done!

3. Major Car Service

The major car service is performed after 24,000 miles or after driving a car for two years. Major car services go through replacing and transferring the crucial components of the car. Replacing timing belt, servicing the heater/ air conditioner, spark plugs and etcetera.

You might consider booking a major car service or a full car service if your car went through damage or a horrible incident. Otherwise, an interim car service would be a better option for your car maintenance.

The Bottom Line

Car servicing is a crucial factor for maintaining your car safe on the road, maximising cars valuation figures, drivability, improving horsepower, enhancing the car’s performance. Moreover, there are three major types of car servicing which includes interim, full and major car service. Consider the aforementioned car services according to your car’s current situation.