Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service to Overcome Relevant Challenges

For the uninitiated, Field Service is all about managing business resources capable of being carried to the customer’s property or the company property. These ‘properties’ generally include services, installations, system repairs etc. and involve activities such as vehicle tracking and employee activity management. To make the entire process of Field Service simpler, companies generally have a Field Service Business Application for resource management. Companies using such applications find it easy to deliver onsite service to customer locations. These Field Service applications combine workflow automation, scheduling algorithms and quality to empower remote workers stationed on-site with customers looking into critical business issues.

The most common Field Service challenges include Communication, Schedule Adherence, Performance Management, Fix Rate and Reactive Readiness. When it comes to communication, the challenge is to deliver end-to-end customer-centric experiences. With respect to schedule adherence, companies paying for products and services expect the same to be delivered on time. When it comes to performance management, the biggest challenge is to deliver to a company precise and transparent data in order to help them compare performances against pre-defined goals. When it comes to fix rate, the challenge in field service is to make a return visit to the customer location due to lack of information. In terms of reactive readiness, the biggest challenges are predictive maintenance and cutting down on equipment downtime.

Out of so many field service applications having been tried to fix the many issues arising in the domain of field servicing, the one that has proven itself to be the most effective so far is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.

What is the advantage of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service?

• Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service helps assign the most relevant and experienced technician to a specific task. Its pre-built features match the technician’s skills with the specifics of each work order.

• It helps balance workloads and resources, in the way that the end user gets to easily identify and organize whatever resources are available category-wise.

• Users get to optimize schedules, which further helps reduce driving time with the help of factors such as geography, customer preferences and availability of personnel.

• Thanks to the huge Microsoft Partner Network which is spread out across 82 countries, getting timely Microsoft Dynamics Support is easy meaning that each time the end user gets stuck somewhere, support is readily available.

• Technicians are issued turn-by-turn driving directions for every appointment, helping them always stay on time.

• Work orders can be created directly from a case, email or customer portal and the same can be tracked against service-level agreements, entitlements and invoicing.

• Work orders can be completed by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service to photograph finished work, obtain customer signatures and collect payments.

• Dynamics 365 Field Service makes it possible to view customer preferences and order histories, that help arrange for service contracts, warranties and entitlements and access them easily and align their records across sales, customer service, marketing and field service teams.

• Managing assets and equipment becomes easy, as the suite allows increased visibility into warranty and service agreements, in addition to other factors such as total revenue, related costs and audit history.

• Dynamics 365 Field Service comes pre-built with a central repository categorically designed to support decision making, which helps access analytics and KPIs. If end users struggle with these, Microsoft Dynamics Support is always available.

• Those into Field Service get to raise their operational efficiency, as Dynamics 365 Field Service supports IoT and helps proactively detect, troubleshoot and resolve issues meaning that technicians must only be deployed when asked for.

These are the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service which helps overcome every challenge one confronts in this domain.