What Are Others like You Looking for in Bariatric Diet Protein Shakes?

Anyone who has undergone bariatric surgery such as a gastric bypass (or any other weight loss surgery) is going to have to follow a specialized diet in the days, weeks, months, and years afterward.

These specialized diets are critical not only to help along the process of recovering from the procedure but also to help the patient adapt to life with a smaller stomach. At the same time, these individuals’ nutritional needs will change.

As a part of these diets, bariatric patients will need to go through a special phase of the diet known as the full liquid diet, when only a small amount of liquids can be taken at a time. Often, during these periods, patients take protein shakes as meal replacements that help with meeting their daily needs in protein intake.

While they’ll need to increase their daily protein intake and no two protein supplements are created equal, here’s what to look out for in bariatric diet protein shakes and powders.

Delicious, original flavors (with no bad aftertaste!) – It seems like a lot of protein shake makers out there put flavor in the backseat when they’re formulating their protein powders. Sure, it’s only fair that they put nutritional requirements in the most important place, along with quality protein, but the problem is so many of them taste so bad, have a terrible aftertaste, or worse, both.

Shop with Bariatric Eating (BariatricEating.com) and you will come across a collection of protein powders that will amaze you by their unique, original flavors, which, by the way, are tested and approved. Their protein powders are made with clean sweet whey protein isolate so that the natural flavors can shine right through. Say goodbye to gritty, flavorless protein drinks, and hello to a refreshing relationship with flavor.

Quality ingredients – Many of Bariatric Eating’s protein powders aren’t just remarkable for their amazing flavors. They’re also made with the highest quality ingredients around, including many real, naturally sourced inputs for better quality control and all-around better flavor. Protein powders like their Inspire Pumpkin Pie Protein aren’t just made with spices, they’re made with real pumpkin. That’s just a seasonal example – many of their protein drinks are also made with the real deal!

A smooth and creamy texture – If you’ve never had a problem with the terrible flavors of some bariatric protein powders out there, then consider yourself lucky, because many of them not only mix up terribly or inconsistently, but they also finish with a gritty, coarse texture. Not Bariatric Eating’s protein powders, though. They mix up into a deliciously smooth and creamy protein drink in no time!

Ease and simplicity of use – Using nothing more than a spoon and a glass full of water or milk, you can mix up some of their protein shakes with the utmost ease. You don’t have to do any prep work or need any special equipment, just measure it out, mix it up and you’re good to go.

What Else?
There’s more to look for in bariatric diet protein shakes than the things we’ve covered so far, and when you shop with Bariatric Eating at BariatricEating.com, these will become evident in short order.

For example, many of their bariatric protein powders come with Albion Calci-K Calcium Potassium Phosphate Citrate so that you can keep up with your calcium intake as well as your protein intake.

You can also rest assured in the fact that their protein powders were developed specifically for them and they have flavor and experience in mind throughout the process. That means that these shakes were developed to satisfy and not just to nourish.

If you’re ready to experience the difference, visit their website, BariatricEating.com, or contact their team to learn more.

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