What Cakes to Make For Birthday Parties?

Bespoke Cake Suppliers 

When it comes to what cakes to make for birthday parties the obvious choice would be cakes decorated with birthday candles. However, if you don’t have the time or the inclination to decorate a cake then there are a number of other great ideas that bespoke cake suppliers can offer. There are cakes to celebrate every occasion, from weddings to the day after the New Year, so here we take a look at some popular bespoke birthday cakes.


Bespoke Cake Designer

One of the main things people think about when thinking about their cakes is whether they should be basic cupcakes or elaborate cakes designed to look like works of art. One of the great advantages to using a bespoke cake designer is that you can get exactly what you want in the shape and design that you want, rather than being stuck with something boring. It’s possible to choose between multi-tiered cakes, ones with multiple levels of icing, fondant flowers or just about any design you can dream up. In addition, most companies offering these services will provide you with the option of creating an edible portrait or a cake with a unique shape.


Bespoke Cake Suppliers

Perfect Party Cake

Another way to create the perfect party cake is to use a bespoke baker. These are trained to know all the tricks and tips of the trade and will be able to turn your ordinary idea of what cakes to make for birthday parties into a spectacular event. The type of cake that will work best for a birthday party will depend largely on the age of the person attending the party and their personal tastes. For example, if it’s the end of the school term, then a celebratory cake may be more appropriate than a birthday cake designed to look elegant and expensive.


Birthday Cake Decorations

Bespoke cakes are also used in conjunction with other types of cake to create spectacular events such as graduation celebrations. Bespoke cakes can be ordered in any design imaginable and may be made to order using the most intricate of designs. There are cakes that can replicate the effects of a television full screen unit, complete with surround sound, and there are birthday cake decorations that feature things like bowling balls and basketball hoops.


Right Birthday Cake 

Creating what cakes to make for birthday parties can take a lot of thought and attention to detail. If you have a child who is planning a birthday party for his or her 14th birthday, it’s important to think carefully about what to buy. It’s not always easy to find the ideal cake, especially if it’s something your child has asked for. However, the right birthday cake can really add to the overall theme of the birthday celebration and create memories that last a lifetime. The right icing, decorations and cake toppers can really make a party special.


Birthday Cakes

What Birthday Cakes are available at a Local Bakery

If you want to know what cakes to make for birthday parties, it’s best to get some inspiration from those who are in the business. If your child is old enough, take him or her to see what birthday cakes are available at a local bakery and see how beautifully decorated they are. This is a fun way to get ideas and provide the much-needed perspective that helps to make your child happy when planning birthday events.


What Cakes to make for Birthday Parties

When it comes to what cakes to make for birthday parties, it’s all about the presentation. You don’t want to go too over the top with colors and decorations, since this could distract from the actual cake itself. For example, if you’re planning on serving a cake that features a tiger on it, make sure that the rest of the room isn’t decorated in the same way. A more subdued approach will work best. Try to incorporate some colors that compliment the tiger, but don’t go overboard.


Birthday Cake Decorations

Making a Larger Cake

One thing that you do need to keep in mind when it comes to what cakes to make for birthday parties is the size of the cake. You don’t want to get one that’s too big or too small. This can be a tricky one, because you want the cake to look good but not be overwhelming in appearance. If you have a large group planning the party, you might consider making a larger cake, so each person gets his or her fair share of the cake. Again, remember that the purpose here is to provide the most cake for the number of guests at the birthday bash, not provide a sense of selfishness or an unfair advantage.