What Is An Annulment Procedure? Can I Get An Annulment Instead Of A Divorce In Los Angeles?

Annulment is a legal process that counts in terms of couples who married prior to their age and if you need to dismiss its applicable formal acceptance, then it is better to get help from legal persons then you can consider Divorce lawyer Los Angeles to fix things right and help you get to come out of it instead of an entire divorce process.

Although it is not effective in exception to Bigamy, still if your marriage is not acceptable to your family or social stand and you are fine with it, then it is time to go legal to defend your wedding and you can do it by arranging for family law attorney Los Angeles so annulment can’t go on and you can stay as a happy and well deserve married couple to lead a better life.

However, if you are looking to arrange for annulment in Los Angeles, then it may still require the legal process to count and it can be arranged but may need smart minds to cover the case and fix it through a proper court process to clear the tag of annulment for which both partners should be ready to separate and can accomplish it.

Before you plan to adjust for annulment procedure through law instead of divorce, there are a few things to consider, and they may include:
  • Prior cause for annulment
  • Your age does not meets marriage standards
  • Legal procedure to step
  • The way you want it to be granted


And these are a few things that do count which you need to care for and then move forward to consider annulment through court.

A technical separation

Annulment generally refers to a legal process where the marriage is declared null void on the basis of a lesser age limit and due to certain reasons where it is not acceptable to couples, family and the other social spectrum and require a certain procedure to end its formal influence.

Agreement to part away

It is generally going to be an agreement that works as the parting of ways between two persons who were going to be a couple but may not be accepted due to certain norms and for that divorce is not going to be as effective as it is in case of apparently couple so annulment works more effectively and help them separated on legal terms at court.

Your partner should cooperate

In case you are looking to settle with an annulment in Los Angeles, for that to happen your partner should also agree to its term and must be ready to break away the marriage in legal terms or it can cost you more where he or she can become offensive and it can also turn heads to criminal roadways, thus to proceed to get an annulment, it is better to convince your partner and set the proper way to accomplish it legally.

The legal process does count

Lastly, to make annulment proceed, you may require legal aid, lawyers who are experts of the field and can arrange for smart legal actions, ones that are fit to both, are helpful to proceed the entire process and this way you have to go through legal movements to settle it even if you are looking to make it possible in Los Angeles.


Conditions may dictate terms when you are looking to get an annulment instead of divorce and to handle these legal matters you can consider experts for which you can be in touch with divorce lawyer Los Angeles who can look after the matter and help you get perfect legal support to proceed for annulment.

However in some cases, it may be forced, the family might not accept you as a couple and you may need legal experts who can help you decline annulment and continue to be a couple for which you ask for the help of a Family Law Attorney Los Angeles, who can fight your case and help you come out of pressure to live as couples after getting married with peace.