Where Can We Experience The Best Rides In Dubai?

Dubai is popular worldwide for its amazing & thrilling theme parks, like Motiongate, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Legoland, the global village, etc. If you love adventurous rides, look no further but the global village, as it has countless best rides in Dubai.

The global village provides infinite games and adventurous rides to create unforgettable memories with friends & family. In this blog, we have elaborated on some of the best rides of the global village, which is one of the best Dubai rides parks.

Top Seven Rides In Global Village, Dubai

Irrespective of your age or preference, you are bound to find something at the Global Village that caters to your liking. From the gentle California ride to the ultimate roller coaster Londer  Loop, here is our list of the seven best rides from the Global Village.

Arabian Horse

The Arabian Horse is one of the best rides in Global Village Dubai. This ride offers a similar experience to a carousel. The ride on horses that go round and round offers a wow experience to the riders. It is suitable for both children and adults. 

Feel relaxed, unwind, and decide what is next. The Arabian Horse has the space for fifty-eight people at once and is suitable for both kids and adults.

Miami Surf

What’s an amusement park without water rides? So, how is it possible that Global Village does not have one? The Miami Surf is one of the top Global Village Rides, and it will leave you completely submerged in the water. It is a twisty water slide where you and three other people can sit up within a floater and cruise along the twisting and bends of a two-hundred-forty-meter-long river adventure.

This ride will not only provide you with lots of fun & thrill, but it will also put your balance to the test as you sit on the floater when it bumps into the slide. Ensure you bring an extra set of clothes while going on Miami Surf because you will not come out dry.

Mumbai Xpress

Mumbai Xpress is a smooth family-friendly roller coaster that allows you to take in the vibrant sights of The Carnival from above. The Mumbai Express is not as exhilarating as traditional roller coasters; this roller coaster ride is small, making it ideal for children.

Take a tour of the Mumbai Xpress with your kids, as it is safe for them. The ride is suitable for sixteen people at once and people at least 1.2 meters tall.

Roaming Rome

It is another thrilling Global Village Ride that can give you wings and make you fly like a bird. Roaming Rome is based on the theme of a flying kite where riders use handlebars to control their movements as they fly through the air, watching the beautiful sights of the Carnaval.

Additionally, you can use the machine’s gear to control the kite’s gliding, vertical and sweeping motions. The Roaming Rome ride perfectly fits twenty-four people at once with a height of over 1.2 meters.

Vroom UAE

Like other amusement parks, the Carnaval in Global Village Dubai also has the Vroom UAE. It is also famous for having popular bumper cars. Drive through tight curves while avoiding other drivers and occasionally (or frequently) colliding with their cars as you chase them down or are chased by them. It is amazing.

It is one of the easier rides at The Carnaval. You can find twenty different cars to choose from, and they can house up to forty-eight visitors at once. Children and adults can enjoy this ride freely.

Cuban Dance

Cuban Dance is also popular among visitors. It is based on the theme of a Mexican ride ideal for large groups visiting The Carnival. This ride makes people sit next to each other and then spin sideways. Imagine the thrill and adventure you are going to experience during this ride. It is a perfect one for a group of friends.

Additionally, this ride is intended to pay homage to classic Cuban dancing, but it will also test your movement powers, so if you have motion sickness, you should detour it. The Cuban Dance can house a minimum of twelve people at a time, and you must be at least 1.3 meters tall to relish this ride.

Thai Twist

It is another thrilling ride of the global village. It is a miniature version of amusement parks’ more extreme freefall rides. It provides the same joys and excitement similar to its more extensive counterpart. The Thai Twist is ideal for children with a maximum height of 17 meters.

The Thai Twist can hold twelve people at once and is ideal for individuals 1.3 meters tall. You must go on this ride with an empty stomach or when you haven’t had too much to drink and eat.

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Why Global Village?

Global Village Dubai is unquestionably one of the most fascinating places to visit in Dubai. It has a diverse range of lures and excitements and offers unlimited shopping, thrilling rides, entertainment, and much more. Global Village Dubai is among the world’s best tourism, relaxation, shopping, and recreation project and features 27 different pavilions representing over 75 countries.