Which is Better, An air Fryer or a Pressure Cooker?

The oldest of the food heating and cooking appliances are still in use today. However, modern times are successful in replacing them with better and advanced sorts of equipment. The time duration it used to take in hours, the latest electric appliances provide the same results in minutes. Pressure cooker and air fryer are two different types of heating equipment that cook a limited set of dishes. Both are extremely convenient and efficient (depending upon the brand, you choose from) but every kitchen appliance has its pros and cons. If you are new to purchasing either of the appliances, air fryer or pressure cooker, then you must read their booklets and instruction manuals. Depending upon the list of more features one offers or which one is easier to use, you can make a final decision accordingly. Gourmet kitchens also switch to advanced appliances such as commercial pressure fryer to serve orders quicker. The chefs choose appliances that take up less space in the commercial kitchen.

The Simple Answer

An air fryer is a better option than pressure cookers only if,

  • You have children and there is more consumption of snacks and fried goods in your home.
  • You are diet-conscious and have a desire to switch to a healthier alternative.
  • If you do not own any other heating appliance.

A pressure cooker is a great option if,

  • You want a multifunction appliance to boil, steam, bake and cook proper meals (dinners, lunch)
  • You want a quick meal in less than a half-hour because a pressure cooker cooks 90% faster than any other appliance.
  • You already have experience with a manual pressure cooker.
The Pros of a Pressure Cooker

roasted chicken in grill

The latest electric pressure cooker can save and conserve energy. The voltage and watts it consumes are less than many other heating appliances. It cooks pulses and poultry, which take hours to cook in a pot, just in minutes. Excellent quality pressure cookers have a durable and long-lasting metallic coating and nonstick feature. The best thing about pressure cookers is that they conserve the nutrients and the prepared food has more nutritional value along with a 100% guarantee of germ and bacteria-free cooking procedures. The heating feature of an electric pressure cooker is easy to operate and function with the help of buttons and a timer feature. The convenience factor supported by the pressure cooker is that it cooks the entire meal just in one pot. Pressure cookers are famous among baked goods as well. The cakes, brownies, dumplings, veggies and many other meals are easier to cook in a pressure cooker than separate appliances for each of them. A pressure cooker also comes in handy to cook multiple dishes at once if you have a metal strainer to place in the middle.

For Example: Steaming chicken on the metal strainer and boiling soup or stew below can be considered as a great example of a multifunctional appliance.

The Pros of Air Fryer

Click Smart Air Frier | Click Smart Air Frier | Flickr

An air fryer is one of the best handy appliances for quick meals and snacks. It is easy to clean, convenient to use and maintain. Many people, after using this appliance cannot go back to using frying pots and pans. The diet-conscious customers purchase air fryers because it uses less than a few tablespoons of oil to cook a bunch of fries, nuggets and more, without excessive oil dripping and containing extra fats and calories. The healthiest alternative to oil-drenched snacks is an air fryer. The timer option, unique modes, and reheat features are extremely easy to operate.

Air fryers are the safest appliance due to the automatic shutdown after the timer reaches its point. No cuts and burns on the hands and food, respectively. There are no radiations, waves, or harmful rays entering the food while it cooks. The air fryer uses a simple heating element and a gush of hot wind that circulates about the interior. No mess of oil sputtering, steaming, or boiling because the appliance is self-contained and works on hot air regulation. The crispiness and tenderness of chips, nachos, crackers, and fried chicken comes from the air fryer process.

Comparing the Negative Aspects

Both the appliances have serious cons regarding their operating techniques and features.

  • Pressure cookers need a little practice and caution instructions before handling. You cannot adjust extra ingredients, spices or add flavors inside the cooker once the appliance closes. Pressure cookers may overcook and break their sealing rubber rings. The cheap models of this appliance are of no use because the rubber seals are expensive to change over and over. After all, the appliance cannot work without them. Once the food is cooking inside, you cannot look inside to check whether the food has cooked enough or if it needs additional water to moisten. Pressure cookers are only for a limited set of dishes though. You can prepare dinner meals but upon mishandling, you can lose the entire meal by high temperature or burning mishap. Pressure cookers cannot reheat dishes.
  • Air Fryers are not only hard to find but are extremely expensive. However, it depends upon the brand you choose the air fryer of. The appliance is not suitable for large families to cook massive dinners or left unattended. Some of the results of air fryers are inedible after the heating process. It leaves the food stretchy, overcooked if you leave it unattended. The air fryer is also not for boiling, grilling, broiling, or baking the raw items. It has a limited set of dishes it can heat and reheat.

Air fryers and pressure cookers are both extraordinary inventions because of their proficiency, convenience, and features. Since kitchen appliances have come into the market, women have found it easier to cook quick foods and keep themselves from excessive work strain. The commercial restaurants and cafés have also purchased a bulk of such appliances to ease down their workstation and speed things up. The appliances are popular worldwide for their superiority over other appliances and many famous companies progressed in making the best appliances for their customers. Import and export of air fryers and pressure cookers are a common trade these days due to the heavy crowd of customers waiting in line to buy them. This was all about air fryers and pressure cookers.

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