Why Get Your Car Serviced Before Your Mot Test?

Getting a car service is not mandatory, but it doesn’t mean that you should let it go. In some cases, getting your MOT before your car service can save you time and money while with some vehicles, car services are recommended before the MOT test. Even if your car passes MOT without getting the car service, it doesn’t imply missing out on services. It is not mandatory but it is necessary for sure.

A service can detect all the major and minor faults in your vehicle that could have resulted in an MOT failure. This way a service before an MOT test is always a good idea. Since it is a car service, you can get them fixed on time before they turn into any major issue. But all the basic things like changing oil, fillers, topping up the fluids, and inspecting the condition of the clutch, all these things are not checked during your MOT test.

In many countries, especially in the UK, it has been observed that young motorists are failing badly at their MOT test and risking their lives by driving unsafe vehicles. This is happening because you as a driver neglect the working condition of your vehicle even if you notice minor faults. You do not pay attention to enhancing the safety and performance but you drive the vehicle till it breaks down. But do you think this would happen if you get your car repaired once in 6 months? Just by making a car service Alton schedule at the right garage, you will realise a change in your vehicle’s performance and state of running on the road.

Can you pass MOT without a car servicing?

It is one of the most asked questions asked by experts, as mentioned above getting a car service is not important to get a service if your vehicle is in good working condition. A quick inspection might help you, getting a car service is mainly suggested to motorists whose vehicles are in extremely poor condition. However, it is your choice whether to get a service before or after your MOT test, because once all the minor problems are discovered in your vehicle it becomes easy to get them fixed. This way you can save time on your Mot and servicing both.

To burst the bubble of one more misconception that passing your MOT test makes your vehicle roadworthy for a whole year, which is certainly not true. Passing your MOT test surely makes your car legally roadworthy, but if you travel a lot or drive frequently you can still have problems. After covering a distance of around 10,000-12,000 miles, your vehicle starts losing its alignment and balancing which is neither safe for you nor other motorists on the road.

The MOT passing certificates confirm that at the time of your MOT test, your vehicle was fine and was working at its best. It doesn’t mean it will stay in its finest condition even after traveling a long way. Also, you must know that the certificates relate to all the elements that were checked at the time of your MOT test and not your whole vehicle.

A car service includes-

Interim service- car services that include inspecting and repairing basic elements like fluids, engine oil, and water check.

Full service- A full car service includes replacing and repairing any major or minor issues occurring in the vehicle.

An MOT Alton is the examination of all the parts of the vehicle that provides safety to the driver and the passengers. It includes:

Tyres – the working state of the tyres is checked, their alignment, balancing, rotation, tread, and rubber are checked to make sure they are working properly.

Windshield- It is checked to ensure the driver has a full view of the road.

Lights- Headlights, brake lights, and indicators are checked.