4 reasons that make your blog entitled to the first page of Google

This year, it was reported that the Google search engine made a lot of updates to its search algorithm, where websites that were deemed inappropriate would be kicked out of the search results page (SERP) in real-time, once detected and executed immediately.

The Google search engine will continue to update, in order to improve the quality of search results, and filter spam websites or websites that apply black hat SEO techniques, most of which are of poor quality, and far from quality standards.

Playing it safe and according to the rules is not that much fun, especially at the beginning. But if you are serious about building a website/blog with a strong foundation, and will be respected by search engines, you should try to start patiently playing it safe.

Why is your blog favored by search engines?

There are several main factors that cause your blog to be liked by search engines and reference it on the first page of search results, among others.


As we know, this is an era where mobile devices rule. Most of internet access comes from mobile devices. Search engines will certainly prioritize responsive and mobile-friendly blogs or websites to be displayed in top search results.

Have your blog/website template been mobile friendly?

To find out the support of your blog on a mobile device, please check the following Google tools. Mobile-Friendly Tools

High Website Speed

Search engines certainly don’t want to disappoint their visitors by referring to websites that are slow and difficult to access on search results pages. Especially in areas where internet speed is below average standards, such as in Indonesia.

Make sure you always check carefully the website design, content, and various related things that can make your website heavy and difficult to access. Website speed is very influential on the Bounce Rate value on the website. The slower a website is accessed, the sooner visitors will be abandoned, and the higher the Bounce rate, the Ranking finally falls out of control.

Want to know how fast your website is?

If you want to find out how fast your website is accessed, and a solution that can be done to increase its speed, you can use Google’s page speed insights tool, check here.  Google page speed insight’s .

Quality Content

Search engines can find out the quality of the content of a blog, one way is by looking at the length of visits to the blog page, and checking the content of the page, whether Seo friendly or not.
The quality of blog content should be your main concern. Filling a blog with quality content will slowly and surely increase the number of return visits to your blog, and this is an indication for search engines to give high ranking and priority.

Display Design.

An elegant and attractive website appearance will make visitors feel at home and comfortable, this affects the bounce rate and the number of return visits. A simple display design with good navigation will affect the page speed and the number of page views.

Website design also needs serious attention, search engines prefer a bright website design with the use of standard fonts. Don’t use too much animation on your blog if you don’t really need it, limit the number of ads, make good navigation to make it easier for visitors to explore the content on the website.

Those are the 4 reasons that make your blog entitled to the first page of Google, then it’s your turn to make it happen. If you looking for a website to reach the Best Digital Marketing Company in Coimbatore, don’t forget to like our Facebook page @appacmedia. If something is still unclear and you want to be asked, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Thanks.