Do’s & Don’ts for Keeping Brand Continuity While Creating LED Screen Content

So, you’ve purchased LED portrait displays for your company, but after the sheer excitement of LED screens, you still haven’t figured out what to use them for. Not a problem! Here is a list of tips as how to engage viewers with LED screen content, so that they don’t turn away from your LED display frames as soon as possible:

Do: Keep LED Content Short and Brief

One of the most common problems LED portrait display owners to make is using their LED screens as digital billboards for their brands. Although this can be effective, it can quickly become stale and repetitive. Think of your LED screen as a one-way ad; instead, consider using it to grab attention in as short as a 10-30 second LED video or as brief as a single LED message.

This LED display content should be seen as an advertisement, but instead of blocking out the LED screens because it seems like an ad, viewers will find themselves drawn to what you have to say and how you say it.

Don’t: Fail at LED Screen Content

As LED screens become more popular, it’s possible to think of LED screen content as a commodity – something that any half-decent marketing company can provide – but at DWS LED Displays, we believe otherwise.

LED Portrait Display utilizes new LED technology, and due to the capabilities of LED screens today, they shouldn’t be seen as LED screens but instead LED portrait displays. LED content should follow this same mindset: LED screen content shouldn’t just be thrown together and expected to stick; it needs to stick with the LED display and not come off as cheap and unprofessional.

Do: LED Video or LED Message?

Since LED screens are one-way LED displays, LED content needs to be short and brief–which can still deliver many screen impacts. video is perfect for the LED screen since it provides an LED message with both audio and visual stimulus that cannot be ignored. LED Message adds further value with LED messaging by adding more depth not simply to attract attention but grab it. Video can accomplish both of these LED screen objectives but LED messages go one step further because LED messaging brings a specific message to the display for viewers to take away.

Don’t: Make LED Content Too LED Bright

Another common mistake LED portrait display owners to make is being too ambitious with their LED screens. One of the most significant LED screen advantages LED screens have over LED displays is its bright LED technology that allows for a more profound, richer LED experience. Too often, LED portrait display owners go overboard and try to pack as much LED content into their LED screens as possible, which ends up being too bright and gets annoying. We highly recommend shorter LED messages with high-quality LED content if LED portrait display owners want to maintain LED screen engagement.

Do: LED Video and LED Messaging Work Together

As LED screens offer both video and messaging capabilities, doing one without the other is a massive waste of LED screen technology. Using video for LED portrait displays allows for an added layer of depth, while high-quality messaging brings LED video to life. LED content is best when video and messaging work together – not competing – for the best-LED portrait experience.

Don’t: Assume LED Screens Aren’t Like LED Displays

When considering LED screen technology, the first thing people think about are LED screens and LED displays; after all, they are LED screens and LED displays. Portrait display owners often assume LED screens are the same, but due to their LED screen features, LED screens aren’t like LED displays; they’re better! screens shine brighter, last longer, and reach further than displays. If LED portrait display owners want to maintain branding continuity of their LED portraits during events or gatherings, then LED video content on a screen is necessary.

Do: Make Use of LED Messaging

One of the more unique things about our DWS Portrait Displays™ is that they come with quality LED messaging capabilities–not just advertisements across an LCD-type entertainment system. This is great for keeping up brand consistency throughout various gatherings because it requires different types of messaging, video content, quotes, poems, music, or lyrics to show up on your LED screen.

Don’t: Assume LED Screens Are Only Good for LED Video and LED Messages

People often think that LED screens are only made for LED portraits–and this couldn’t be further from the truth. DWS Portrait LED Displays are screens that were built specifically for portraits, but they’re also screens that can be set up in any fashion or configuration. The LED screen is the focal point of their LED portrait displays; however, portrait display owners should feel free to customize their LED screens with various types of content to fit.