PPC for Startups: The Right Way to Move Ahead!

No matter how much you try, you can’t deny the fact that Pay-per-click marketing is one of the most effective, popular, and fastest methods to drive reliable traffic to your website. 

Companies offering their PPC campaign management services vouch that effectively implementing its tactics can generate more excellent leads and customers for a business in minimum time. 

If you are a budding business and looking for out-of-the-box ways to accelerate your business growth with increased traffic on your website, then PPC is what you should consider. 

However, since it’s such a vast topic, what should be your starting point? 

Fortunately, with a little professional help and the right tactics in mind, you can up your PPC game and make the best out of the budget in hand. 

Less is more when you know what you are doing. 

Before we move on to defining the smart strategies every small business should adopt, let’s deeply understand what is PPC marketing? 

What do we mean by pay-per-click marketing? 

PPC marketing is a type of marketing that requires an advertiser to pay only when a user clicks on their respective ad. Thus the name pay-per-click. The fees levied are often dependent on the level of competition and the spot the advertisers are placing their bids on. 

The cost depends primarily on the PPC network. 

Currently, the biggest PPC ad network is Google Ads that serves millions of ads daily through its display network and search results. 

Now that the understanding of PPC is established, let’s move on to finding the best strategies a startup must adopt to conquer the PPC game. 

These tactics are backed by experienced companies offering their PPC campaign management services for almost a decade. 

Best PPC tactics for Startups: 

Since we now know the importance of PPC for rapid business growth, we should analyze the best way to implement our PPC campaign in the most optimized way. 

Here’s what you should do: 

  • Bid on your competitor’s brand names: 

 Can you guess the easiest way to get the attention of your potential consumers looking to buy services or goods in your niche? 

The answer is simple, find the users searching for your competitors. 

No matter you are a startup or an enterprise-level organization, one thing is for sure; you will have market rivals. Many franchises and companies are digitally visible through searches via Google and other search engines. Take advantage of these searches to set up your PPC ads displayed when a user searches for your rival’s brand name. 

  • Use your competitor’s keywords: 

When you start with setting up your PPC campaign, choosing the right keywords to target can be a cumbersome job. How do you spot and use the most suitable one for your project in the sea of millions of keywords? How would you refine the never-ending keywords list according to your requirement? 

In such cases, it’s smart to identify the high-ranking keywords your competitor is using and incorporate them into your PPC campaign. You can use tools such as AdPlexity, SpyFu, and Google’s keyword planner to get into the website of your competitor and extract the most relevant keywords as per your ad’s requirement. 

  • Write compelling ad copy:

Don’t make the mistake of losing your audience’s attention. Writing a compelling ad copy is super essential when it comes to delivering a spectacular PPC campaign. 

Though this might seem like a difficult task since you are confined in limited space and a shorter deadline, it is still possible if you tickle your creative bone a little. 

Remember, your PPC ad is the start of your consumer funnel. Therefore, there’s no point in spending money just to bore people with your monotonous writing. 

Ensure whatever you display to your audience is not just relevant but also catchy. 

  • Protect your ads from click fraud: 

The world of PPC is extremely competitive; thus, click frauds are very common. 

Since thousands of businesses bid on keywords, everyone desires to be positioned at the top. The cutthroat competition often leads to companies getting their hands dirty in shady tactics that include your competitors clicking on your advertisements. 

Since you are supposed to pay for each click, if your competitor clicks on your advertisement every single day, it makes no changes in your conversion funnel; however, you still incur the cost. This can make your expenditure touch the sky if continued. 

To prevent yourself from the expensive trap, make sure to protect your ad campaign using click fraud direction software like PPC Protect. 

This software will monitor the clicks your advertisement received and avoid showing your ad to fraudulent users in the future. 


The techniques mentioned above are fundamental to avoid incurring any extra cost and develop a mind-blowing PPC campaign within a specified budget. These strategies would suit you even better if you are at the early stage of establishing your business. 

Almost every company that deals with PPC campaign management services has been using these smart strategies for a significant time and gaining benefits.

Now it’s time for you to shine brighter with smart PPC.