TechPally hints 10 Tips for Creating Facebook Ad Copy

Why is AdCopy of Facebook Ads so important?

Poor advertising texts sooner or later lead to poor performance and less conversion.

Because if the text is not appealing to the user, this affects the relevance rating.

The relevance factor evaluates ads based on user interaction.

The worst value is one and says that the ads are irrelevant to the target group.

On the other hand, there is the best value of ten, which classifies the ad as particularly relevant.

In any case, marketers should strive for a high relevance rating, as this affects the range and thus also the average costs.

Relevant texts reduce the bounce rate, which ultimately has a positive effect on the conversion rate.


How to create Facebook ad copy like a pro
Top 10 tips to make Great Ad-Copy
1. Your Approach to the target groups
Choose the right and appropriate approach for your target group!
Of course, that depends specifically on the product or company.
As a rule, it is advisable to address them personally in the “you” form, since in the best-case scenario, the advertisements appear between messages from personal contacts.
In this context, a formal address often seems not good, says Techpally business editor.
However, if it is an extremely serious target group that does not feel addressed by a personal appeal, it can be addressed in “you” form.
2. Direct Approach
Talk to the user directly and do without “strong” statements!
Also, include questions and prompts in your speech to encourage the user to interact with your ad. These could look like this:
  • “Have you always wanted to go to Atlanta?”
  • “Have you ever wondered how to drive a Porsche?”
  • “Are Techpally employees overloaded?”

3. Use Call-to-Action

The call-to-action is seen as a performance-enhancing instrument and encourages the user to interact beyond the text in the ad.
Facebook already specifies a large number of CTAs for advertisements from which the marketer can choose.
Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to provide the button with an individual message.
The following CTA are currently available:
  • No button
  • Download
  • Query showtimes
  • More on this
  • Listen now
  • Send Message
  • View the menu
  • Shopping now
  • to register
  • See more
  • Request an appointment
  • Apply now
  • Book now
  • Contact us
TechPally goves tips to creating Facebook ad copy


4. Activate user
In addition to the specified call-to-actions, the user can be activated via further prompts in the ad text.
Creativity is required here because some phrases are not emotional and are quickly overlooked by potential buyers or treated as fake advertising promises.
5. Communicate clearly
You should consider your company’s USP in the ad, Techpally advised.
 It is important to form a good relevance chain: the focus of the ad must be on the offer that can be seen later on the landing page.
The user must not get lost in the funnel because he does not get what he is interested in.
With the multitude of targeting options, communication on Facebook can look very specific, so that the address should be designed accordingly.
6. Arouse Emotions
The best way to arouse the emotions of your target group is to highlight the line that’s emotional.
Find the concerns and needs of the audience and help them to overcome it.
It is not always the price or quality of a product that counts, but sometimes the level of suffering that the person is currently experiencing.
For example, an advertisement for winter shoes might begin with the words: “Tired of getting your feet wet?”
The hope that the product will remedy the target group’s problem outweighs the fact that these shoes are perhaps the cheapest of their kind.


7. Support offered with the choice of words
To make the offers more interesting for potential customers, adjectives and verbs with positive connotations should be used in the ad texts:
  • Benefit
  • Win
  • Practically
  • Helpful
8. No repetition
Avoid too much repetition in your ads.
The space for the text is already very limited, so all-important USPs and requests should appear here instead of the same message.
Make the most of the space.
9. Experiment and Take Risk
Dare to do something. Be experimental and test different speeches with different tones, says Techpally boss.
All results are helpful in learning, to get a better feel for ad texts and the reactions of your target group.


10. Ensure Quality
Simple but important: Avoid spelling, typing, and grammatical errors.
Errors can creep in quickly, especially with load peaks.
In these cases, a four-eye check helps to ensure the quality of the displays.
Also, note the guidelines provided by Facebook regarding prohibited wording.


Additional tip: Avoid brand name and logo
The last note does not refer directly to the ad text, but it does contribute to the overall relevance rating of the ad.
Avoid placing the logo and brand in the foreground too excessively.
While creating ads, many advertisers think too much in terms of offline tactics, where the logo and brand must always be seen.
With Facebook ads, however, should be a little more sensitive.
On the one hand, the name of the Facebook page is usually the company name, and in many cases, the profile
the picture is also the logo of the company that bears the name.
Last but not least, the name can be found again in the URL at the end of the ad, so that no further logos or brands are needed on the picture.